Tips to help children develop good reading habits

Why is reading important?

It is quite important that your child has well-developed reading skills as not only it help the child to grow his imagination and creativity which in return can make the child’s brain more active. So, if your child starts to read more books, he or she will be more creative and will find it easier to express himself. Not only that, being exposed to the beauty of books at a young age will make an easier for your child when it is time to start school. However, it is not always easy for parents to develop good reading habits in their child children. The good news is that there are some tricks you could hide up your sleeve that will make this task a lot easier!

Read a lot of books yourself!

Yes! It is that simple! By reading a lot of books yourself you are presenting a good example to your children. Simply make sure that they see you reading and in no time, they will want to join you themselves. When reading teach your children that it is done not only for pleasure, but also to gather information, understanding of the world and to connect to others. If your child sees you reading every single day soon enough he or she will start understanding the importance of reading. It is not a big secret that children most commonly pick up their own habits from the parents, so try to always set a good example and create a literacy-friendly environment at home.

Create a little book club at home with your children

Do not forget to discuss what you read with your spouse and your children. But more importantly always take interest in what your child has been reading and what they thought of it. Do not limit the discussion to just books – openly talk about magazines they like, articles that they found most interesting. A great way to spark their reading habits is to discuss their most recent reads and connect them to real life events. If you notice that your child is more interested in one specific genre or topic, then encourage him follow his passion. Share your personal experiences on an even deeper level by introducing your favourite childhood books to your children. Discuss what was popular when you were little –  which magazines, authors, characters were most beloved. Share which book or even which line of text has had the biggest effect on you. It will not only help to develop good reading habits in your children, it will be a great way to increase your bond even more. You also don’t have to be limited to books – a lot of kids love their Naruto Fanfiction and Star Wars Fanfiction! If your family is multi-lingual, then great – read books and stories in different languages, as it will prove to be extremely fun for your baby. Last but not the least, do not forget to have fun with it yourself.

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