What is an e-reader and do you really need one?

What is an e-reader and do you really need one?

E-readers have always been quite popular but it is lately that their prices started gradually yet constantly to go down. Now everyone knows of Kindle, but there are more readers out there like, for example, Nook. All of these today cost below $100. Even though it is a very fair price for a good piece of technology that does not need constant upgrades and lasts for a long time, some people feel that it is still a bit steep since an e-reader is still just a single use device. Of course, some of them do offer extra features like the internet but often it is more unsafe to surf the web with an e-reader than to leave your laptop password unprotected. On the other hand, there are tablets which can perform all functions perfectly, yet they are a lot costlier and chances are, they will not last as long as an e-reader. So, with all these questions asked, what shall one do and how to choose a proper e-reader that will suit all of your needs?

What is the main difference between some e-readers?

The main difference between e-readers and tablets is that both have a completely different display. Most commonly e-readers contain e-paper screens that usually do not need a backlight to produce visible images. Black and white colours are the standard for e-readers with some, usually 16 levels of gray. That is nothing surprising, because if an e-reader will be used only for reading it does not need to contain colour or other features that would require a different screen. It is a device designed solely for people who love to read, so no apps or games can be used on an e-reader. However, colour e-readers do exist. Having said that, they will never be as good as the tablets out there because most of the tablets produced today have LCD screens.

Which books are most suitable for an e-book reader?

It seems that an e-reader was created with a certain person in mind and that is a person who reads a lot. People with other hobbies, such as cooking, knitting or writing prose are better off with using a tablet. Why? Since e-readers use black and white e-paper it is impossible to use interactive elements in them. That means that it is a more suitable tool for books like fiction or nonfiction. Titles like cookbooks, travel books or even textbooks will not be displayed properly on an e-reader because of the display issues, hence someone who enjoys cooking a lot and thinks about purchasing an e-reader might be better off with a tablet. E-readers also do not support enhanced books, so you will not be able to use that one book that has videos or other media files in it.

If you are looking for an escape, then e-reader is the right choice

If you are someone who wishes to escape from the outside world and lose yourself in a moment of relaxation, then e-reader the obvious choice for you. You will be able to download and own thousands of books in one place, it will be a lot cheaper than buying paperbacks as well as it will open new space in your home. One could argue that all of the above is achievable via a laptop or a tablet, but owning an e-reader allows you to escape the seduction of social media. E-readers will not allow you to be lazy or to surf the web. It is an item that has one goal only and the goal is to get you to read the books that you have been wishing to read all these years. So, get yourself an e-reader and choose one that does not break the bank, has a lot of memory on it, comes with a strong battery and a nice-sized screen. That is all you need and the choices on the market are equally good. Just remember that sometimes less is more.

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