Why is it important to read books?

Since when are books a part of my life?

I did not always love reading books. It is a passion of mine that grew very slowly over certain periods of time. When I was little I would prefer someone else to read to me because the action itself would make me sleep. But then one day I wandered into the library and it filled me with a calm and peaceful feeling like I have never felt before. Since then I became addicted to literature and kept devouring books one by one with occasional breaks in between when I would not read anything at all. Right now due to large amounts of work, a recent move to a new flat and not-yet balanced life I am once again in the phase where I read very little, but that does not diminish my love for literature. But why do I love reading books?

Books help me to grow as a person

Even as a person working for a New York-based IT Services NYC Company, reading has always been a way for me to grow as a person and expand my views in life. It has made my knowledge of the world and people bigger and better. Every single book that I have ever read has affected my personal and professional decisions, whether I decided to take on more responsibility or simply help someone cross the street. A book has been my biggest educational tool, that I can continue using till the day I die. I truly believe that I would be worse off if there were no books in my life. It is through literature that I realised that there are lives other than mine and the fact that I can read about them in the first place is a privilege. There’s honestly nothing like curling up by the fireside with some fresh-brewed java out of an espresso machine.

Books help me to enhance my skills

Ever since I was a child I knew that I enjoy writing and it is one of the easiest ways for me to express myself. But I would not have realised that and chosen a professional path in writing without having read any books. It is reading that improves my expertise of language and makes me a better professional. It is because of reading that I can fluently express the feelings deep in my heart and belly when I see my loved ones, because without having read anything I would not have the words to speak.

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