A Note from Your Chief Executive Blogger

What We Do?

Mello & June, It’s a Book Thang! is a book blog website that partners with several book touring companies to highlight independent and/or well-known authors’ bodies of work.

Authors We Host/Genres/Content

Mello and June receives invites to host various authors.  We are given the choice as to what types of genres we’re interested in, and what genres match our reading/viewing audiences.  Please note, we select every genre regardless as to the author’s age, race, sex, creed, nationality, and/or religious background.  Mello & June does not discriminate against any author nor do we discriminate against what the author has written. There isn’t any subject that is taboo on our website!  In other words, if an author can think it, put it into words, get it published and ready for the world, WE will host it!  Period!  

With that being said, there may be some content not suitable for all reading/viewing audiences and in most cases, we will place a disclaimer on that scheduled post to advise the reader ahead of time before proceeding with the post.  However, there are some instances where a disclaimer isn’t added, but often, we do our best to advise our readers what they are about to indulge in.

Mello & June readers are an eclectic group.  We have every type of reader visit our site, which is one of the reasons we’re very popular with avid readers.  Many of our readers love romance, erotica and paranormal, which we do our very best to bring readers what they like to read.  Once again, having said that, we bring a variety of genres to our website so that everyone will have something to look forward to. You, as the reader, may not always agree with the genre or the content, but that doesn’t mean we will not host an author because you may not enjoy their genre.  We pride ourselves on being a fair website and an honest one being true to who and what we are.  We believe strongly in creativity and the written word.  Every author has a right to write whatever he/she wishes, which is why we have created this format for them to highlight their work.  It is always our hope that readers will enjoy the authors we host, but we realize not everything you see here will agree with your tastes.  And that’s your right as a reader to choose what you want to read.

Please know we are very thankful to our readers!  Mello & June is ranked very high among book websites with over a million views.  That’s no small feat, to say the least!  We do our very best to bring the types of books we know our readers want to read.  But also know, just because there are content and/or genres you do not agree with, doesn’t mean we will not host it.  It is also understood that you cannot please everybody all the time, which is why we host every type of genre to give a little something to everybody.

How We Post

Each day, Mello & June posts anywhere from 4 to 10 books a day.  Depending on the amount we schedule, they will post every half hour or every hour.  Usually, we post from 5a up to 11a EST.  All our posts sync directly to our social media pages ensuring that all readers will see any given author’s work.  We try to schedule a small variety into those 4 to 10 posts, so that everyone will find some interest.  In these posts you will sometimes see, giveaways, excerpts, guest posts and/or interviews.  Mello & June doesn’t dictate to our partners what should go in a post.  On the contrary, it’s the other way around.  We are given creative freedoms to post what is given by the author in a way that will match our website, but we do not have a say as to what goes in a post. Book touring companies depend heavily on book blogs such as ourselves to help promote authors’ work.  Some of the posts will have teaser ads and they can be a little racy at times. We are often given the choice to post the clean teasers or have a more exotic one.  Mello & June usually picks both kinds, but most times we go for the racy teasers because our readers love reading them and often pin them to their Pinterest pages.  Again, I direct your attention to the Authors We Host/Genres/Content section.  We’ve explained our views on posting and why we do it.  We don’t want to box ourselves in.  We truly believe in variety.

In closing, we just want to advise our readers that we’re so happy that many of you are fans and followers and write to us and the authors we host to let us know how you feel.  We’re so glad you chose to visit our website and to engage with us.  It is never our intent to offend anyone or to be rude.  That is not what we do here at Mello & June, but again, we realize that some of you may not like some of the racier erotic posts we host.  We understand, but please understand that we are not apologizing for the way we handle our website.  We run a pretty tight ship here and work hard to please most of our readers.  So, if you find a post that you feel is too much for you, we propose that you not read the post and move on to one that is more suitable for you.  It wouldn’t be fair not to host certain genres because some may find it offensive. We believe in giving everyone a choice in what he/she likes to read, and we respectfully ask you, the reader, to do the same.

Thank you so much for recognizing Mello & June, It’s a Book Thang! and helping us to become your number one go-to for books to download. 


Kimberly Ranee Hicks

Owner/Blog Mistress/Chief Executive Blogger