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Madhatter8_20101015I’m a very unique individual and, as you will always read, I enjoy letting others know that!  I suppose the reason being is I don’t want to be like any other person.  So, therefore, the stories I enjoy writing will not be like other stories you have read. 

Another unique quality about me is that I’m the type of author that wants to bring variety to my readers and fans, which is why they enjoy reading my work.  With each book I write, it will be different from the last.

Please don’t misunderstand me.  I enjoy authors who write books in series, and I enjoy fantasy books as well, but, for me, it is something I never entertained.  My stories come from my urban life.  I’ve heard some African-Americans state that they don’t always enjoy reading books by black authors because they write the same things, i.e., blacks who struggle, poor, drugs/thugs life, never getting anywhere, womanizing, how our men are no good, etc., and that has been something that always bothered me.

 I listen to my readers and I take accurate notes on what they like to read, or what they would like to see written, and I work hard to bring their ideas to life.  I know where my strengths are in my writing, and I definitely know my weaknesses, and I continually work hard to fine-tune my craft.  It’s not easy trying to meet the demands of my fans, but I do my best to bring as much drama as I can to my story lines and my characters. 

Many of you have written to me and said that my books read like movies, and you can see, so vividly, what my characters are doing, or how they are behaving.  In an earlier blog pokim27s-bday-8_20101009-1st entitled, Behind Every Great Novel I Write, I explain where my artistry form comes from, which is why when I write, readers enjoy the movement and flow of the story.  Of course, in every book, there will be characters you love, and then there will be characters you hate, but another compliment I’m paid by my readers is that you love that there is a strong message behind my story.  I don’t just write words for the sake of them, I want you to come away with some food for thought!  I enjoy and promote healthy debate, and that’s what my stories do for my readers.  If you’re having a deep conversation about something I’ve written, then I have succeeded in relaying my message to you.

 Believe me when I tell you, I am always thinking!  My brain very rarely ever shuts off!  Characters plague my mind day in and day out.  Sometimes it’s hard for me to decipher which characters I should use for a particular story I’m working on. 

My newest novel I’m working on will be another genre, of course, and will be completely different than the first two I’ve written. 

Bookcover1-1I am a dedicated writer and serious book blogger!  I love what I do, and I’m so thankful that many of you love what I do too!  Because, without you, there is no Me!  I am committed to bringing you the stories you want to read, and I thank each and every one of you for your constant support and for believing in me.  There are many who said I would fail and never get anywhere, and lookie there, I have two books written and in the process of finishing my third, which I hope to have available for sale in the near future.  If you don’t believe in yourself or your writing, you can’t expect anyone else to either.

 Much Love, Peace, and More Importantly, Write On, Authors!

A 70s Mystery/Suspense Novel
A Musical Romance Soundtrack Novel


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