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Escaping a Life of Quiet Desperation: Walking in the Footsteps of Henry David Thoreau (As lived by Benjamin Scribner and told to Margaret Rose Scribner)

ISBN paperback: 978-1536874945

ISBN eBook: 1536874949

“A divorce that cruelly unearthed lies, deceit, theft, abuse of trust and power, that severs a union with a partner who blithely alienates all loved ones, all family members; a final act of separation which, for spite and spite’s sake alone, drags its opponent savagely across ten hideously pocked-marked months with idiotic wrangling; an absurd process that can, and did, empty the pockets of all but the gleeful lawyers; the outcome of which could seemingly hurl its survivor into the blackest abyss of despair or propel them, now unfettered, to the top of the highest mountain.  I landed upon a mountaintop.  Literally.”  This book follows Ben’s first year up on his mountain top as well as having anecdotes from his travels thrown into the mix.  (Available in paperback and eBook format)


Tales of the Old Moose by Benjamin Scribner and illustrated by Margaret Rose Scribner

ISBN paperback: 978-0692705070

ISBN eBook: 0692705074

“An ancient, mystical, talking moose – transported from a time when the Earth was young – suddenly appears in the forest to teach vital lessons to nine-year-old Benjamin.”  (Available in both paperback and eBook format)

More Tales of the Old Moose by Benjamin Scribner and illustrated by Margaret Rose Scribner

ISBN: 978-1544812687

“An Ageless mystical moose reappears to twelve years old Benjamin to share his knowledge about Halloween and teach him a valuable lesson.”   (Available in paperback.  Ebook format coming soon)



Benjamin Scribner is a disabled Navy veteran and lives atop a mountain near St. Maries, ID.  His books include: Escaping a Life of Quiet Desperation – Walking in the Footsteps of Henry David Thoreau and the Tales of the Old Moose children’s series.  He lives with his wife, two dogs, two cats, and an assortment of wildlife.  Ben is currently working on a book of his short stories that he hopes to publish this next spring.  He is also planning a sequel to his book, Escaping a Life of Quiet Desperation, detailing his adventures over the next two years in his mountain retreat. 

When Ben is not writing, he works on completing their cabin, chops firewood, and plans for the upcoming winter season.  He enjoys feeding the chipmunks and rabbits as well as talking to the local moose when they wander by for a visit. 

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