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What if the deadliest train wreck in the nation’s history was no accident?

When a passenger train derails in North Philadelphia with fatal results, idealistic criminal defense attorney Vaughn Coburn takes on the most personal case of his young career. The surviving engineer is his cousin Eddy, and when Eddy asks Vaughn to defend him, he can’t help but accept. Vaughn has a debt to repay, for he and his cousin share an old secret—one that changed both their lives forever.

As blame for the wreck zeros in on Eddy, Vaughn realizes there’s more to this case than meets the eye. Seeking the truth behind the crash, he finds himself the target of malicious attorneys, corrupt railroad men, and a mob boss whose son perished in the accident and wants nothing less than cold-blooded revenge. With the help of his ex-con private investigator and an old flame who works for the competition, Vaughn struggles to defeat powerful forces—and to escape his own past built on secrets and lies.

Well my, my, my!  What a way to start the 2018 reading season off with a legal thriller so exciting, it’s literally begging Hollywood to turn this novel into a major feature film!

Talk about ripped from the headlines?  A catastrophic train derailment not only tore up the tracks and anything that came within inches of its wrath, but destroyed the lives that it carried within its cars.  These passengers were thrown about like clothes tumbling in a dryer.  Some came out with major injuries, while others lost their lives right upon impact.

What on earth could have caused this derailment?  If you were to ask Eddy Coburn, the engineer of Amtrak 174 train, he’d tell you he can’t remember what caused the accident.  For you see, Eddy sustained life threatening injuries and was placed in an induced coma due to his brain swelling.  The doctors didn’t want him to wake up or try to move while they tried to put his body back together again.  His wife was beside herself with grief for the pain her husband was in and all those lives that would forever remain changed. 

Of course, the media became frenzied with the story and trying to figure out who and/or what caused this derailment?  But it didn’t take long to figure out who would ultimately be blamed for this tragedy.  Yes, you guessed it, the engineer, Eddy Coburn.  While the media continued to spin the story in every direction it would bend, Kathy, Eddy’s wife, called the only person she knew would be able to help her family out.  Enters, Vaughn Coburn, cousin to Eddy. 

Vaughn is a brilliant attorney working on his cases never dreaming that a matter this huge would end up in his lap.  When he got the call, he had to answer.  This, for Vaughn, was a no brainer.  Eddy is family for God’s sake and there wasn’t any way he was going to let his cousin fry for this.  After he visits with Eddy and his wife to get an assessment of what he was dealing with, it will soon become very clear to the reader that this case isn’t going to be so cut and dry after all.  There are forces so strong that you will not see the circumstances coming.

Hot Damn, we’ve got a damn good thriller now!  Man, Oh Man was this book good!  I could not get enough of this story line.  If you thought Myers outdid himself with his last novel, his newest one is going to knock your damn socks off for real.  Myers is an exceptional writer and he puts the story right up in your face and you just can’t ignore or hide from what is happening.  I became so frustrated with the bullshit that was happening to Eddy, I hated when I had to stop reading because I couldn’t wait to find out what the hell the system was going to do to him next?  These characters were so lifelike, raw, gritty, telling, witty and vicious.  Myers didn’t miss a trick in this latest installment.  There’s a little bit of everything going on in here and I couldn’t control my excitement.  This novel gave my mind quite an orgasmic stimulation, I hated when the story ended.  When a book makes you feel that damn good, you already know it will last with you for years to come.

What an outstanding read!  Damn, Intellectual Minds, as I told you last year when I read Myers A Criminal Defense, I knew I stumbled across a masterful writer.  He does not let you down in this latest novel.  If you love legal thrillers as much as I do, I am ordering you to get this book, An Engineered Injustice.

Mello & June gives An Engineered Injustice five locomotive speed-lightening stars!  This, by far, was one of the best legal novels I’ve read.  The story is so enticing and with Myers’ legal knowledge brings to life a story so horrible, yet so intriguing, you will not be able to put this down!  If Hollywood doesn’t come knocking on Myers door soon, I don’t know what the hell they’re waiting on? This would be a blockbuster for real! Awesome, Awesome read!  Until next time, Intellectual Minds, keep on reading!  An Engineered Injustice goes on sale, Tuesday, January 23, 2018You can pre-order now.  Don’t delay! 

Check out Mello & June’s review of Myers’ debut novel, A Criminal Defense.  

You can also read Mello & June’s interview with the legal novelist here.


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#BookReview…The Secret Mother…#BookBoost #SundayMorning #Mustread #BookLovers @ShaliniBoland

‘Are you my mummy?’ 

Tessa Markham comes home to find a little boy in her kitchen. He thinks she’s his mother. But Tessa doesn’t have any children.  

Not anymore. 

She doesn’t know who the child is or how he got there. 

After contacting the police, Tessa comes under suspicion for snatching the boy. She must fight to prove her innocence. But how can she convince everyone she’s not guilty when even those closest to her are questioning the truth? And when Tessa doesn’t even trust herself… 

A chilling, unputdownable thriller with a dark twist that will take your breath away and make you wonder if you can ever trust anyone again. Perfect for fans of Gone Girl, Girl on the Train and The Sister. 

What readers are saying about Shalini Boland: 

‘What can I say? Just wow. I’m usually never surprised by an ending, but this one blew me away. I am totally in shock and think I’ll have a hangover from this book for a while. A great read that keeps you on your toes until the very last word.’ Stacey Harrell, Goodreads  

‘If anyone can have me reading until 2am and finishing a book in less than 48hrs in the school holidays it’s this author… massive five stars from me.’ Sarah Mackins, UK Crime Book Club, 5 stars 

‘The plot is gripping and once you’ve started reading, you have to keep on reading, you need to know how the story will end.’ Bits About Books, 5 Stars 
… one of the most chilling reads of the year for me. Ajoobacats Blog, 5 Stars 
‘This is a brilliant psychological thriller. In fact, it’s one of the best I’ve read. It is full of suspense and has more twists and turns than a fairground ride.’ Jackie Roche, UK Crime Book Club, 5 Stars 

‘I thought I knew the direction this story was going go. Then the jaw dropping moment happened!… unputdownable!’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 Stars 

‘Once again, Boland has managed to blow my mind with all the twists and turns… an outstanding explosive read!’ Mello and June, 5 Stars

Happy New Year, Intellectual Minds!  This is my first book review for 2018.  I feel so invigorated.  What a way to start off the reading year!  So, let’s get it going.

As usual, Boland never lets her readers down!  She always takes you down one path and you end up in a completely different location.

What would you do if you came home from work and found a cute little doe-eyed brown haired five-year-old boy sitting at your kitchen table drawing pictures and coloring them in?  If you expected this adorable child to be in your home, there wouldn’t be any cause for alarm, but if you don’t have any children, all sorts of bells and whistles should be sounding off!

Tessa Markham could not believe her eyes.  This child sat at her table as if he belonged, and Tessa knew full well that this child did not.  Did she call the police as soon as she discovered this child?  No!  When she questioned the child as to how he got to her home, he wasn’t forthcoming with information.  All he managed to say was “an angel brought me here.  Are you my mummy?”

Totally shocked and terrified, Tessa called her estranged husband.  Of course, Scott would know what she needed to do, right?  Hmm, Scott appeared agitated that she even called him.  When he arrives at his former home, he’s just as shocked as Tessa to see this child sitting at the table drawing and coloring like he doesn’t have a care in the world.  Harry, as they learned of the boy’s name, seemed happy to be within his element, so why were these two adults looking at him like they were crazy?

Scott became outraged with Tessa that instead of calling the police straight away, she called him.  What kind of responsible adult would do that?  Because Tessa was so distraught, Scott finally calls the police and they come and investigate the situation.   Of course, the police separate all parties.  Tessa is trying to keep it together, but suddenly she gets a sinking feeling about Harry.  She doesn’t want to see this child ripped away and placed in foster care.  Perhaps she went about this situation all wrong, or did she?

Well, readers, this is where our story takes flight.  As usual, Boland has a way of twisting plots in a hundred different ways until you’re so confused as to who is doing what, you’re not clear what is happening, until the ending smacks you in the face.  What an incredible story Boland has managed to tell.

This story was really good and it reads pretty quickly.  Once you get started, it’s hard to put the book down.  I have to say, though, this storyline didn’t make me earn it like some of Boland’s other novels.  It’s a good story, but for me it came off as a bit predictable.  Once I figured out a few scenarios, it wasn’t too hard to put two and two together.  However, having said that, it doesn’t deflect from the story and it’s very entertaining and keeps you on the edge of your seat. 

Mello & June gives The Secret Mother four mummy hi-fives.  As you journey along with Tessa and all that she’s been through and what is going to eventually happen to her, you’ll be hard pressed to put this book down.  Actually, if you have a few hours to set aside, you could read this book in one day, it’s that damn good.  Boland, as usual, always keeps her readers front and center.  Another masterpiece from the author of twisting plots.  Great job!  Until next time, Intellectual Minds, keep on reading!

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#BookReview…Weave A Circle Round…#BookLovers #YA #MustRead #HappyHolidays

Madeleine L’Engle meets Stranger Things in this debut YA-friendly fantasy adventure about how the unexpected can move in next door

Freddy wants desperately to not be noticed. She doesn’t want to be seen as different or unusual, but her step-brother Roland gets attention because he’s deaf, and her little sister Mel thinks she’s a private detective. All Freddy wants to do is navigate high school with as little trouble as possible.

Then someone moves into the house on Grosvenor Street. Two extremely odd someones.

Cuerva Lachance and Josiah aren’t . . . normal. When they move in next door, the house begins to exhibit some decidedly strange tendencies, like not obeying the laws of physics or reality. Just as Freddy thinks she’s had enough of Josiah following her around, she’s plunged into an adventure millennia in the making and discovers the truth about the new neighbors.

“I adored this brilliant book from start to finish. It left me reeling with delight and I can’t wait for the rest of the world to get as lost in its pages as I was.” —Charles de Lint

“I’d have loved this book when I was twelve, and I love it now.” —Nebula, Hugo, and World Fantasy-Award winning author Jo Walton

At the Publisher’s request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

This was such a wonderfully woven story of imagination, youth, growth and mystery. The last time I read a young adult novel this well told was from Ann Brashares, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.  And I have to admit this story did remind me a great deal of one of my favorite Netflix shows, Stranger Things.  In fact, I immediately began thinking of the show as I read this book.

Poor Freddy was in a dilemma of sorts.  She’s growing up with all the pains that come along with it.  Having a deaf brother who gets on her nerve and a bratty younger sister, was there any wonder Freddy found herself in a rut?  Getting through high school was trouble enough, but Freddy couldn’t possibly have experienced trouble much like the kind she encountered by the two strangers who crashed into her neighborhood by total accident. Or was it an accident?  One minute you’re fighting with your siblings and the next minute you hear what sounds like an explosion and when you go to investigate you find a truck smashed against a tree and two strange individuals arguing like they didn’t just end up in a car accident.  Who the hell were these people and what on earth were they doing on Grosvenor Street?

Roland, Freddy’s brother, warned Freddy that their new strange neighbors were dangerous and to stay away, but why on earth would Freddy listen to what her brother had to say, right?  Cuerva Lachance and Josiah weren’t exactly what we would call normal neighbors.  In fact, they appeared, pardon the pun, to be a little out of this world.  Hmm?  Freddy ended up being schoolmates with Josiah, the young teen with a sharp tongue and quick-witted mind whom she absolutely abhorred more than her siblings and classmates.  Josiah was able to say things and get her to say things that she wouldn’t normally think to say.  In fact, every time Josiah was around, she managed to find herself in a heap of trouble. What was it about this young teen that caused so many problems for her, but managed to intrigue her at the same time? How is it Josiah knew things before she knew them and could make gravity do things that weren’t relatively possible? 

Well, readers, you’ll have to read the story to find the answers to those questions.  Maaren did a really great job weaving these characters into such a fantasy.  I enjoyed their journey and investment in their lives to find out more about them.  What a cute story.  With all the serious reading that I do, it’s always fun to read something that goes outside the scope of what you’d normally read. 

Mello & June gives Weave A Circle Round, four out of this world stars. Weave A Circle Round would make for a great film.  This novel would make a perfect gift for yourself or that young adult in your life.  There’s seven more days left to make your reading challenges, Intellectual Minds.  Let’s make 2017 go out with a huge bang by finishing what we started at the beginning of the year.  We have another year to do this all over again.   We can do it!  I have faith in you.  Until next time, keep on reading!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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#BookReview…Written Off…#BookBoost #SundayMorning #Amreading #MustRead @sheila_lowe

In the dead of winter, handwriting expert Claudia Rose journeys to Maine to retrieve a manuscript about convicted female serial killer, Roxanne Becker. The manuscript, written by Professor Madeleine Maynard, who was, herself, brutally murdered, exposes a shocking secret: explosive research about a group of mentally unstable grad students selected for a special project and dubbed “Maynard’s Maniacs.” Was Madeleine conducting research that was at best, unprofessional—and at worst, downright harmful, and potentially dangerous? Could that unorthodox research have turned deadly?

Claudia finds herself swept up in the mystery of Madeleine’s life—and death. But she soon realizes that Madeleine left behind more questions than answers, and no shortage of suspects. The professor’s personal life yields a number of persons who might have wanted her dead—and her academic success and personal fortune clearly made her the envy of fellow faculty members. The University anticipates being the beneficiary of Madeline’s estate—but that seems in question when a charming stranger, claiming to be Madeleine’s nephew, turns up brandishing a new will.

The local police chief prevails upon Claudia to travel into town to examine the newly produced, handwritten will. Rushing back to Madeleine’s isolated house to escape an impending storm, Claudia becomes trapped in a blizzard. With a killer.

My favorite handwriting expert, Claudia Rose, was sitting back and relaxing and thinking about wedding plans when a colleague asked her to do him a huge favor.  Little did Claudia know, this favor was going to turn out to be a bitter cold one in every sense of the word.  Her latest escapade takes her across the country to the east where winter is more than on the way, but a constant here and now.  Claudia certainly wasn’t used to that type of weather, but she’s a trooper and always up for a challenge.

Turns out Claudia was sent to Maine to retrieve an unfinished manuscript that Professor Madeleine Maynard was working on.  Unfortunately for the professor, someone did not want her to finish the manuscript because she ended up brutally murdered.  And what was worse, as Claudia begins to put the pieces of the puzzle together, something horrible becomes quite clear: Professor Maynard wasn’t exactly on the up and up with her special research she was conducting.  In fact, I’d say she was borderline up for review by the school’s board, had they really known what she was up to, but was that enough to have the professor murdered?  Hmm, obviously, someone thought so.

Besides, Claudia is dangerously close to missing her flight back to Cally so she can spend New Year’s with her fiancée, Joel Jovanich.  I don’t think they’ve ever been apart this long and Claudia was growing restless.  However, she wasn’t too restless that the more she unearthed clues about the professor’s death, the more she realized that one of the students involved in the research had much to gain, while someone else had much to lose.  As you continue to follow Claudia and the clues to this murder mystery, you’ll be quite surprised with what you learn leaving you quite shocked!

I absolutely loved this story.  Lowe, as usual, never lets me down in the Claudia Rose series. I was so elated when I found out she had written another installment to this outstanding series. What was even more interesting is that this novel really delved into what Claudia does as a handwriting expert.  It truly centers around her skills and I found the story quite intriguing and interesting. If you’re not familiar with this series, you most definitely need to get acquainted. And the best part is, all of the books read as standalones.  You can easily pick them up and start and move around quite nicely. 

Mello & June gives Written Off five handwritten stars! Lowe is one of my favorite authors and she’s brought forth another masterpiece of writing. If you love a good whodunit with a little bit of forensics and humor tied in, please add Written Off to your eReaders or gift it for that special book lover in your life. Remember, a book lover never has enough books.  It’s unheard of!  (wink, wink!)  Until next time, Intellectual Minds, Keep on Reading!  We have twenty-one more days left to meet our reading challenges. Let’s finish strong for 2017! We can do it. 

Our Favorite Formation!

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#BookReview…Of Deception and Divinity…#BookBoost #SundayMorning #MustRead #BookLovers @IARTG

The arrival of a new enemy. The start of a greater battle. A destiny to be defended. 

A mighty war, waged every 500 years, has returned to the realm of mortals. And with it, the Day of Serpents arrives to wreak havoc upon the world.

Assefa and Sanura struggle to complete their mate bond, as they also continue their fight in this preternatural war of fire versus water. Unseen enemies, surprise magic attacks, and betrayal lurk at every turn for the couple, and revelations about their powers and past come to light.

As Assefa and Sanura fight to seal their bond and love, destiny and divinity may have already sealed their fate.



Wow, N.D. really summed up this trilogy with a damn bang! One thing is for certain, when fire and water came together, it proved to be a mighty fight.

Assefa and Sanura still hadn’t completed their mating bond, although the love the two shared wouldn’t prove otherwise.  What neither of them could have foreseen was the war raged over 500 years ago that sort of sealed the character’s fate, or did it?  Assefa finally takes his beloved to his home land of Sudan to meet his father, and while visiting it becomes clear there are forces much stronger than their love that does any and everything to rip the two apart.  Jones introduced new and shady characters in the mix, as well as tons of excitement, as the reader embarks on a chaotic journey that is all Assefa and Sanura. 

This was a true masterpiece at its finest.  A beautifully told story of Assefa and Sanura’s love and a true test of wills in this final part of the trilogy.  Readers will get to revisit old characters and come to love and hate some of the newer ones.  What I loved about this story is that it really gets to the soul of Assefa and Sanura and proves, once and for all, that love conquers all.  I truly enjoyed embarking on their journey.  This was such an exciting read and one I’m sure will please all the paranormal romance fans out there.

Mello & June gives Of Deception and Divinity five stars out of this galaxy.  Jones weaves her poetic storytelling into a comforter that will engulf and engage the reader with warmth and heart.  You can’t ask for any more than that from an author, and Jones has proven she has the writing chops to back up her stories.  Outstanding read!  Make sure you show her some love and download a copy of it today.  Until next time, Intellectual Minds, keep on reading.

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#Book #Review…Naked We Came…#SundayMorning #Reading

Jake Travis searches for the man who abducted and killed his sister and only sibling over 30 years ago, while on a family vacation in Florida. She went to their motel room to get the book “Matilda.” She was never seen again.

Now, the man suspected of killing her has washed up on a beach near Jake’s house. He penned a confession just days before his mysterious death. Jake believes that the confession was forced and that DNA was tainted.

His vengeful quest tangles him in a web of murky and powerful figures. As Jake forges ahead, seeking both justice for his sister and personal closure, he questions if he will ever spring free of his past, or whether the past will forever shackle him in its chains.


I’ve never read this series before nor have I read this author before, but I have to say it wasn’t my cup of tea.  Jake Travis has been searching for his sister’s killer for over 30 years and it was pretty evident that he’d stop at nothing to get to the truth of the matter.  The suspect that was accused of killing his sister has wound up dead, and the police seem to think the case was closed, but was it?

Aah, no, not according to Jake.  Too many circumstances pointed toward the dead suspect, but Jake didn’t believe this was his man.  As the reader continues to plug along with the story, a very clear and direct picture begins to take shape.  I don’t know what to say about this story.  It was missing something for me.  Perhaps not missing is the correct thing to say.  What bothered me about the story was Jake and the over detailing of every single thing happening in the story.  One of my pet-peeves is when an author provides so much detail, to the point, the reader has nothing left to imagine for himself. 

There were times I’d be engaged in the story, especially when the characters were speaking and then there would be tons and tons of detail in between the conversation that I’d forget who was speaking and what it was about.  Detail can be a writer’s best friend or worse nightmare depending on how it’s used and for me, it was entirely too much detail going on and that spoiled the story for me.  From a technical standpoint Naked We Came was well written.  Lane proved he has a well verse vocabulary, but again, I think the detail went a little overboard.  This wasn’t a bad read and I’m positive there are many readers who would enjoy this book, but it just didn’t satisfy my tastes. 

Mello and June give Naked We Came three dressed up stars.  This is Book 5 in the series.  Perhaps had we read the series from the beginning, we’d understand the protagonist a bit better and the flow may have made more sense.  Until next time, Intellectual Minds, keep on reading.

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#Book #Review…Abuse of Discretion…#BookBoost #Legal #Thriller #SundayMorning @AuthorPSY

A Kid’s Curiosity … A Parent’s Nightmare 
The award-winning author of “Anybody’s Daughter” is back with an addictive courtroom drama that gives readers a shocking look inside the juvenile criminal justice system. 

Graylin Alexander is a model fourteen-year-old. When his adolescent curiosity gets the best of him, Graylin finds himself embroiled in a sexting scandal that threatens to ruin his life. Jenny Ungerman, the attorney hired to defend Graylin, is smart, confident and committed. She isn’t thrilled, however, when ex-prosecutor Angela Evans joins Graylin’s defense team. The two women instantly butt heads. Can they put aside their differences long enough to ensure Graylin gets justice? 

Unbeknownst to Angela, her boyfriend Dre is wrestling with his own drama. Someone from his past wants him dead. For Dre, his response is simple—kill or be killed. 

Parents beware!  If you haven’t checked your children’s cell phones recently, you may be so inclined to do so after having read this shocking new book by my favorite legal author, Pamela Samuels Young.

Do you remember when you were 14 years old?  For some of us, that may be too far back to remember, but I can tell you one thing, sexting wasn’t something that any of us knew about, let alone heard of.  Graylin Alexander is living in the here and now.  And unfortunately, he’s been summoned to the Principal’s office unaware of why he’s being asked to go.  As he nervously awaits, he’s greeted by two police officers with critical issues in mind.  When Graylin asks what he did wrong, the officers immediately tell him he’s been accused of harboring pornography—and not just any pornography but a naked picture of one of his schoolmates.  Of course, Graylin flat out denies this allegation, and when further probed by the police, they ask if he has his cell phone on him, which, again, Graylin denies.  But what you must keep in mind is that Graylin specifically, on more than one occasion, told the police he was not permitted to speak with them without his father being present.  Humph, did that matter to the police?  Hell no!  They continued to grill Graylin as if he was some hardened criminal.

What felt like an eternity to Graylin only amounted to about fifteen minutes of an interrogation, but Graylin being a basic good kid and having excellent grades, just wanted to get to his grandma and be in the creature comforts he knew to be his home.  When his cell phone begins ringing in his back pocket, the police knew they had their man—oh, my bad, their teen.  Or so it would seem?  They continually demanded he give up his password to his phone, and after much intimidation tactics, Graylin does so unwillingly, and there beholds the naked picture of his schoolmate.  What was Graylin to do?  All the smarts in the world wasn’t going to get him out of this one.

Finally, Gus, Graylin’s father, gets to the school to try and sort the whole misunderstanding out, the police had no time to explain their position to him.  They handcuffed Graylin, put him in the police car and drove him off to a world he had never known—juvenile hall.  This young man didn’t have anything on his squeaky-clean record, is now in the system blemished.  So, what did Graylin do when he was locked up in a kid’s prison?  Resorted to be a kid and cried his eyes out.  What did he do that was so wrong?  Hell, boys back in the day hid Playboy magazines and any others in their bedrooms to look at for self-satisfaction.  But kids today have technology and it is not always on their side. 

This was a tough story to read because it felt so damn real.  OMG, I found myself screaming at the situation because it was so unfair for what happened to Graylin.  He was a typical young boy, curious about the opposite sex, not trying to hurt anyone, and because someone texted him a sexted picture through Snapchat, his world literally turned upside down and back around again.  Wow, I had no idea this sort of thing was happening in real life.  There are tons of kids facing real adult court with heavy adult charges put upon them simply because they possessed nude photos of teens their age or a little older.  To treat these children like they are pedophiles is downright preposterous to me.  What are the court systems thinking by doing this to kids? 

As usual, Young never lets me down.  When I tell you this sista can write, that is truly an understatement.  She’s a happening author of today!  She makes the reader pay attention to real-life issues like it’s nobody’s business.  If you don’t come away learning something from her novels, then you are incapable of understanding what it means to be educated.  I’m here to tell you this book blew me away.  I just did not want to believe our courts are being bogged down with these idiotic cases that don’t have any business taking up the people’s time and taxpayers’ money.  My God, where does it end? 

Mello & June gives Abuse of Discretion five righteous stars!  Wowwwww!   I tell you, readers, Pamela Samuels Young is one of my favorite authors for a reason.  She never ever lets me down.  If you’re looking for an author that is socially adept and brings the drama, you don’t need to look any further—this author will do that for you and more!  What an outstanding read, and, as usual, I devoured the book too quickly, but it cannot be helped.  When the writing is that good and the storyline is so spot on, how do you put a book down like that?  Umm, you don’t. 

Before I go, not only did I love this book, you’re in for a special treat.  Please join us tomorrow for Ms. Young’s interview with Mello & June.  Yasss, my favorite author was kind enough to grant us an interview and it is quite nice.  I certainly hope you do stop by and check her out.  She’s so put-together and an amazing talent.  You do not want to miss her interview.  Until next time, Intellectual Minds, Keep on Reading!


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#Book #Review…Wrath of the Ancients…#BookBoost #Horror #Suspense #Mystery


Egypt, 1908

Eminent archeologist Dr. Emeryk Quintillus has unearthed the burial chamber of Cleopatra. But this tomb raider’s obsession with the Queen of the Nile has nothing to do with preserving history. Stealing sacred and priceless relics, he murders his expedition crew, and flees—escaping the quake that swallows the site beneath the desert sands . . .

Vienna, 1913

Young widow Adeline Ogilvy has accepted employment at the mansion of Dr. Quintillus, transcribing the late professor’s memoirs. Within the pages of his journals, she discovers the ravings of a madman convinced he possessed the ability to reincarnate Cleopatra. Within the walls of his home, she is assailed by unexplained phenomena: strange sounds, shadowy figures, and apparitions of hieroglyphics.

Something pursued Dr. Quintillus from Egypt. Something dark, something hungry. Something tied to the fate and future of Adeline Ogilvy . . . 

There are some books you read you just know would translate well onto the silver screen, and this is one such book!  Oh my, if you’re looking for a great horror book to read, look no further!  Wrath of the Ancients has all the ingredients for a spooky tale.

Miss Adeline Ogilvy is a young woman making her way in the world.  She recently lost her husband to an unfortunate accident, leaving her to fend for herself in the cruel, cruel world.  Part of her plan to make a better life for herself was to seek a job that can help make ends meet.  She agrees to take a typing assignment through an employment agency.  She’s been hired to type up the manuscript of the world-renowned archeologist Dr. Emeryk Quintillus.  Dr. Quintillus was a huge risk taker seeking the remains of his beloved Cleopatra.

While in Egypt, not only does Dr. Quintillus come across Cleopatra’s resting place, but he discovers something even greater than the Queen herself.  He finds a priceless relic that will ensure his destiny for many years to come.  But, finding such a rare treasure comes with a price and it’s a price Dr. Quintillus was willing to take.  He ends up murdering the entire crew so he can, not only steal the relic but steal all the glory of taking credit for having found Cleopatra in the first place.

Fast forward to Vienna where we find Miss Ogilvy living in Dr. Quintillus’s mansion and beginning work on his manuscript.   As she’s adjusting and typing his story, no matter how bewildered she became from reading his words, there were other strange things happening around her.  The mansion held lots of mystery, and that one thing was the eerie scratching noises she heard coming from the other side of her bedroom wall.  Hmmm?

What could those sounds mean?  A mansion of that size had to have mice and/or rats running about, and perhaps that would explain what Miss Ogilvy heard?  Right?  Hmm, Miss Ogivily being an inquisitive type of person decided on her days off, she’d explore the mansion’s library and catch up on her reading.  And wouldn’t you know it, not only did she discover books, but a door leading to a secret room.  If the strange noises weren’t enough, Miss Ogilvy had to find out where this secret room led to.  Upon venturing down the dark basement, to her surprise and horror, she met her employer Dr. Quintillus.  The only problem with that was, Dr. Quintillus is dead.  Was she hallucinating?  Was she going insane?  She’s living in Dr. Quintillus’s mansion typing vigorously to get his manuscript finished, and sitting before her was the infamous Dr. Quintillus.  And that, readers, is where all the sparks begin to fly.

This was a magnificent horror story!  It has all the elements you look for in a suspenseful story.  Dr. Quintillus’s mansion, along with the weird staff he employed, to things going bump-in-the-night, and sinister laughing and images appearing and then disappearing were enough to make the hair on your neck stand at attention.   Trust me, every noise I heard in my home, while reading, made me look twice to make sure there wasn’t anything there.  Talk about a story making you jumpy.  This was it.  I’ve read Cavendish’s work before, and as always, she never lets the reader down.  She executes the plot well, with characters that are interesting to read and keeps the reader turning the pages until you just can’t get enough.  I truly enjoyed every part of this story. 

Mello & June give Wrath of the Ancients five ghostly nods.  What an exhilarating experience to travel along with Miss Ogilvy as she tries to come to terms with the reality that her dead employer has created.  This story scared the hell out of me!  Oh yes, my senses became very heightened while reading.  Wrath of the Ancients goes on sale Tuesday, October 24, 2017.  If you’re looking for books to read for your Spooktacular October reads, you’ve got to add this book to your eReaders.  Warning, you might want to read this in the daytime, but for you who like to dare yourselves, go ahead and read at night! (Ha Ha!)  Until next time, Intellectual Minds, keep on reading!   

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#Book #Review…The Parable of the Dumbass…#BookBoost #SundayMorning #Reading #Inspiration #Motivation



Each of us has a dream, and we all know how long, hard and tricky the path to achieving it can be. So, it may be wiser to not even start … However, some choose to give it a try. And they go because something pushes them not to give up when obstacles pop up: the examples of those who have made it. They’re there on TV, happy and smiling, exhibiting the reward for their sacrifices. They didn’t give up and they made it. So, it is possible to make it! Isn’t it?



For such a short story, it packs a huge punch!  Ouch!  This story resonates with me on so many levels because I’m that dumbass that dares to dream.  In this story, you have the dreamers, the believers, the faithful, the marchers, the quitters, the movers, the skeptics, and the ones that have self-doubt and eventually succumb to giving up.

I’ve been all those emotions plus some.  Think about the dreams you’ve had or still have.  How many of you have the balls to see your dream through?  Dreams can be achieved, but you must have faith.  And with faith, you must believe in the theory of your own success.  That’s what this story is all about.  Destination Eldorado.  Why Eldorado, well, readers, you’ll have to trust me on this one and read this short story about one’s test of wills, strength, faith and belief.  As a writer myself, I, more than most, truly get what Scotto di Carlo is talking about.  And, if you dare to dream, you too, will soon understand the impact of this story.

Mello & June gives The Parable of the Dumbass five faithful stars.  It’s an incredible story that deals with a sense of self and having the courage to see it through.  It’s so easy to give up, but hard to stay the course.  I have been to the land of Eldorado and I plan to revisit time and time again.  I thank the author for using this beautifully told story in a metaphoric type of way.  Simply awesome!


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#Book #Review…Law and Vengeance…#SundayMorning #Reading #Legal #Thriller

Gina Romano is a highly successful trial lawyer with Bergman/Deketomis, a firm dedicated to protecting the public by exposing and penalizing corporate crooks and their allies in government. Well into her thirties, Gina hasn’t overcome the anger and defensiveness resulting from a bizarre and traumatic childhood. As she contemplates whether to marry solid, attractive, and loyal veterinarian Bryan Penn or to send him packing, the murder of a friend and mentor, Angus Moore, turns her life into a quest for vengeance. In consort with partner Nick Deketomis, Gina runs headlong into a life and death struggle against weapons manufacturers, a gun rights lobbyist, psychopathic Chicago police, a hi-tech genius assassin, and the U.S. Department of Justice. Still, the most formidable and dangerous enemy she faces is herself.


Gina Romano is an attorney you’d want on your side!  She wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but has a heart made of pure gold.  Gina is a highly respected trial attorney with Bergman-Deketomis working to protect the public from conglomerate corporate America.  The firm fights for the underdog and takes on cases that most firms wouldn’t bat an eye at.

Not only does Gina have a job that she loves and respects, she has a new man in her life who is making it hard for her to concentrate on the law at hand.  He’s a cute veterinarian who carries the same strength and fight for animals and their rights.  Is there any wonder the two of them got together?  Just as she and Bryan’s romance was about to go to the next level, a weapons manufacturing case reared its ugly head.  The weapon in question was called Sight-Clops.  Several police departments and soldiers have been issued this high-powered gun to help combat the mean streets and protect America from abroad.  The only problem was, when the person using Sight-Clops zeroed in on their target, it didn’t hit the target in question.  Instead, it hit a person who wasn’t anywhere near the gun.  Well, that can’t be? 

Unfortunately, Sight-Clops was causing more harm to the officers and soldiers using the weapon and wreaked holy hell on the lives that were involved.  Bergman-Deketomis decided this was a case it needed to fight because it had harmed so many people.  Gina wanted to head first-chair in this case, but one of the firm’s founding members decided it was too tough for Gina to get involved.  As Gina fights to win her argument, she takes a ride with Angus, a founding member, to discuss the merits and validity as to why she should take this case on, when a terrible accident occurs, killing Angus and damned there taking Gina’s life in the process.

When the dust clears, Gina’s holed up in the hospital, while her trusted friend and colleague is dead.  This was a defining moment for Gina.  She was going to be first-chair for the weapons case and avenge the person or persons responsible for her friend’s death.  The closer Gina got to the guts of her case, the more dangerous it became for her and all those around her.  And that, readers, is where this exciting story takes off!  Oh my, this was one explosive read with all the law and order you could possibly handle. 

Gina was such a strong character with her no-nonsense take charge and kick ass attitude.  I absolutely loved her.  She was a masterful beast throwing Lady Justice all sorts of shade and trickery along the way.  This story had plenty of humor that gave the story so much character.  When Gina chose her time carefully to depose the weapons manufacture, I couldn’t get enough of the back and forth.  It was better than watching a tennis match.  The law in this book was so spot on and perfectly executed, I was just in awe.  What an incredible story. 

Mello & June gives Law and Vengeance five shots into the air.  Wowww, I loved this story!  I’ve never read this author nor this series, but now I’m intrigued to learn more.  Law and Vengeance goes on sale Tuesday, September 26, 2017.  If you love legal thrillers, this is one you most definitely want to add to your eReaders.  Enjoy!  Until next time, Intellectual Minds, Keep on Reading.

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#Book #Review…Miss D and Me…#BookBoost #Sunday #Afternoon #Reads

For ten years Kathryn Sermak was at Bette Davis’s side–first as an employee, and then as her closest friend–and in Miss D and Me she tells the story of the great star’s harrowing but inspiring final years, a story fans have been waiting decades to hear.

Miss D and Me is a story of two powerful women, one at the end of her life and the other at the beginning. As Bette Davis aged she was looking for an assistant, but she found something more than that in Kathryn: a loyal and loving buddy, a co-conspirator in her jokes and schemes, and a competent assistant whom she trained never to miss a detail. But Miss D had strict rules for Kathryn about everything from how to eat a salad to how to wear her hair…even the spelling of Kathryn’s name was changed (adding the “y”) per Miss D’s request. Throughout their time together, the two grew incredibly close, and Kathryn had a front-row seat to the larger-than-life Davis’s career renaissance in her later years, as well as to the humiliating public betrayal that nearly killed Miss D. 

The frame of this story is a four-day road trip Kathryn and Davis took from Biarritz to Paris, during which they disentangled their ferocious dependency. Miss D and Me is a window into the world of the unique and formidable Bette Davis, told by the person who perhaps knew her best of all. 


I was never fortunate to meet Miss Davis in person, but I’ve seen quite a few of her films, and after having read this beautiful story by Kathryn Sermak, I feel as though I got to know the real legend, Bette Davis.  Oh my, this book was amazing!

It was so refreshing to read how Miss D came to hire Kathryn.  And even though Kathryn was a bit green when she was first hired, Miss D, in her typical fashion, groomed and guided Kathryn to become the woman she is.  Their working arrangement was a bit rocky in the beginning, as Miss Davis could be overly dramatic and quite overbearing.  It took all Kathryn had to get to learn Miss Davis.  What people often mistake when they see their favorite Hollywood actors is that to work for them is quite different than what you see up on screen.  However, that wasn’t Kathryn’s problem.  Miss Davis began molding Kathryn from an era in which she came up.  I believe Miss Davis was seventy-three when she began working for her.  Kathryn was in her early twenties.  There was a huge age difference, but the lessons that Miss Davis taught her were golden.

I loved the stories she recounted about their trips to Paris and London, while Miss Davis was working on films.  The arguments and disagreements the two of them had.  But what really stood out for me was the love the two of them shared for one another.  I remember when Bede Hyman, Miss Davis’s daughter, wrote a book about her famous mother.  I’m glad I never read her book because this book is the true impression of what I believed to be Bette Davis.  In fact, if you ask me, I feel Kathryn was more of a real daughter to Miss Davis than Bede.  I can’t begin to imagine how painful it must have been for Miss Davis to read the words her daughter had to say about her.  After you read about Miss Davis’s learning of her daughter’s ultimate betrayal, you’ll feel the pain.  I know I certainly did.  Not to mention, her daughter didn’t even give the respect to her mother to tell her that she wrote it.  Miss Davis had to learn this through her closest confidantes, Kathryn, and Harold. 

I love memoirs and this was well written and so heartfelt.  What I truly loved about the way Kathryn attacked this book is that she told what needed to be said instead of going for the jugular vein and sucking all the dollars she could to tell a story about Bette Davis.  This story felt honest and sincere and I’m positive Miss Davis would be proud of Kathryn’s real words.  At least Kathryn received Miss Davis’s blessing on writing her story, which is more than I can say for how her own daughter treated her before she passed.  But, I’ll say this, at least she betrayed her mother while she was here to see it, unlike Miss Davis’s archrival, Joan Crawford’s daughter did with Mommie Dearest.  I’m not saying that parents are perfect because they aren’t, but to deliberately write untruths about your famous mother to make money off those lies and to try and destroy her reputation is downright cruel and vicious.  Thank you, Kathryn, for setting the record straight.  I truly believed her words.  It touched me in ways I will never forget.  The ending was hard for me to read.  I kept thinking about my own mother and how I’ll one day have to deal with her death.  My God, that was so touching the way Kathryn handled Miss D’s death.  I sat and cried my heart out trying to read the words through my tear-filled eyes.  Wow, what an incredible woman Bette Davis was. 

Mello & June gives Miss D and Me five star-studded Oscars.  What an award-winning performance.  I absolutely fell in love with this story.  Miss D and Me goes on sale, Tuesday, September 12, 2017.  If you’re a memoir fan, I highly recommend you read this.  You will not be able to put this book down.  I hated when I had to, but I quickly picked it up as soon as I was done with work.  Kathryn, what an incredible life you’ve led, and you can rest easy knowing you did right by a legendary woman and actress, Miss Bette Davis.  Thank you for sharing your story with us!

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#Book #Review…Lies She Told…#BookBoost #Amreading #SundayMorning

Sometimes the truth is darker than fiction.

Liza Jones has thirty days to write the thriller that could put her back on the bestseller list. In the meantime, she’s struggling to start a family with her husband, who is distracted by the disappearance of his best friend, Nick. With stresses weighing down in both her professional and her personal life, Liza escapes into writing her latest heroine.

Beth is a new mother who suspects her husband is cheating on her while she’s home alone providing for their newborn. Angry and betrayed, Beth sets out to catch him in the act and make him pay for shattering the illusion of their perfect life. But before she realizes it, she’s tossing the body of her husband’s mistress into the river.

Then the lines between fiction and reality begin to blur. Nick’s body is dragged from the Hudson and Liza’s husband is arrested for his murder. Before her deadline is up, Liza will have to face up to the truths about the people around her, including herself. If she doesn’t, the end of her heroine’s story could be the end of her own.


If you ever wanted a book to bend your mind and twist it until you were so confused you didn’t know where to turn and what to think, Lies She Told will give you all of that and more!  I absolutely loved this story!  OMG, I was so torn between the parallels of Liza and Beth. My, my, my!  What an incredible story.

Liza had long exhausted her excitement off her last best seller, Drowned Secrets. She was looking for that next thriller that was going to catapult her and her publishing house to the next level. She had been dragging her feet to get her latest novel done and for good reason.  She was distracted of sorts. Her husband’s law partner was missing and it was wreaking havoc on their marriage. Liza wanted to practice making a baby with her lawyer husband, but all he could think about was his partner, Nick.

It wasn’t that Liza wasn’t sympathetic to her husband’s feelings.  She was. It was the fact that he was spending all his time at his law practice and she needed him to be with her. Since her husband had literally given her the boot, Liza took this time to write about her heroine, Beth. Liza and Beth both had a dilemma. Beth’s husband was away from her because he was cheating. And what was worse, she was a new mother caring for their daughter, Victoria. Ok, some new moms struggle with the baby and dealing with life—it’s not easy overseeing another’s life. But to have your husband of twelve years step out on you—well, that was another matter entirely! 

As Liza and Beth each struggle with their own problems, the reader will slowly but surely begin to wonder about a great many things. And I bet you’re wondering what exactly could that be? When I tell you these two stories are so similar, it will become clear that what you think you know, you really don’t!  Holahan did an exceptional job at keeping the reader guessing. I got to the point where I had to go back and re-read paragraphs because I was soaking up the words too fast because their stories were so damn good! And when you get to the ending—Oh Wow!  Like I said, if you’re looking for suspense and intrigue, THIS is the STORY for YOU!  The twists in this story had me so wound up that I began dreaming about the characters.

You know a story is good when you can’t wait to get done handling your own life’s problems, so you can get back into theirs. I stayed up late a few nights, sacrificing my work sleep for this book.  It was well worth it and more!  What an amazing story and the characters are such that you will invest your time in getting to know what is real and what is fiction. I’ve never read Holahan’s work before, but I must say, if she writes every book the way she wrote this one, she has a HUGE fan in me. Wow, outstanding read!

Mello & June gives Lies She Told five truthful stars and counting! This was one explosive read that blew my mind completely. I was so not ready for what I received. Oooh, this was such a great story! Absolutely loved it! Lies She Told goes on sale on Tuesday, September 12, 2017.  Trust me you will want to grab this book quickly and/or download and start right away.  Warning—once you start, you will not stop until you’re done! Clear your calendar and enjoy.  I know I certainly did!  Until next time, Intellectual Minds, Keep on Reading!

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#Book #Review…Addict…#BookBoost #Futuristic @mattdoylemedia

New Hopeland was built to be the centre of the technological age, but like everywhere else, it has its dark side. Assassins, drug dealers and crooked businessmen form a vital part of the city’s make-up, and sometimes, the police are in too deep themselves to be effective. But hey, there are always other options …

For P.I. Cassie Tam, business has been slow. So, when she’s hired to investigate the death of a local VR addict named Eddie Redwood, she thinks it’ll be easy money. All she must do is prove to the deceased’s sister Lori that the local P.D. were right to call it an accidental overdose. The more she digs though, the more things don’t seem to sit right, and soon, Cassie finds herself knee deep in a murder investigation. But that’s just the start of her problems.

When the case forces Cassie to contact her drug dealing ex-girlfriend, Charlie Goldman, she’s left with a whole lot of long buried personal issues to deal with. Then there’s her client. Lori Redwood is a Tech Shifter, someone who uses a metal exoskeleton to roleplay as an animal. Cassie isn’t one to judge, but the Tech Shifting community has always left her a bit nervous. That wouldn’t be a problem if Lori wasn’t fast becoming the first person that she’s been genuinely attracted to since splitting with Charlie. Oh, and then there’s the small matter of the police wanting her to back off the case.

Easy money, huh? Yeah, right. 


Author, Matt Doyle, contacted Mello & June to review Addict

Police corruption, government cover-up and video junkies Oh My! Addict had all of that (plus) in this futuristic story. 

For Cassie Tam, private investigator, wondering how she was going to pay her rent; going on with life searching through old files and catching up on world events; when she gets a knock at her door that literally changed her life.

Enters client, Lori Redwood. Lori was in distress, of sorts, having just lost her brother to a drug overdose, or so that’s what the police told her. She was referred to Cas to help her find out what the truth was about her brother, Eddie’s, death.  When Cas quickly assessed that the police washed their hands of Eddie’s death, this intrigued her. When Lori mentioned that her brother was a video junkie and had overdosed on Flash7, a simulation stimulant, Cas figured Lori had lost her marbles.  Most VJ’s did exactly that.  But, Lori was adamant that her brother had been murdered.

Cas had quite a dilemma.  Should she take this case on or just dismiss Lori like the police had?  Of course, the private eye that Cas was known as, couldn’t possibly let that slide. She asked Lori to give her all the files she had on the case, and from there the story takes off. 

New Hopeland was the town in which all this futuristic mayhem takes place. What comes to mind immediately is Gotham City.  It’s a dark place that has a feel of the world we currently live, but with all the paranormal element to it.  The Tech Shifters were all types of characters.  Cas also has a pet that everyone should want named Bert.  I absolutely loved Bert.  You can sign me up right now to have this type of futuristic pet.  He’s a cross between a gargoyle and dog.  Bert can kick some major ass and makes no apologies for protecting Cas and himself.  The things that Bert did was outstanding.  What a great electronic pet to possess.  The characters in this story were raw and gritty.  Doyle did an exceptional job detailing and outlining New Hopeland.  In fact, this story feels so like today, it scares me that we’ve already arrived.  From dirty politicians and government officials taking bribes and ordering hits on people’s lives, are you sure we’re not in 2017? (chuckle)!

I really liked this story. It was a little slow for me in the beginning, but Doyle had to give you the backdrop to get the reader where they needed to be.  Cas was a tough chick with a sense of humor out of this world. I loved how she began experiencing feelings for Lori as the story plugs along, which also complicated things for Cas as well. 

Mello and June gives Addict four stars out of this galaxy! This is a short read packed with all the technical elements you could possibly want. If you’re into sci-fi, paranormal, and futuristic stories, this is a book you’ll enjoy. Great job, Doyle!  Until next time, Intellectual Minds, Keep on Reading!

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#Book #Review…The Goddesses…#BookBoost #SundayMorning #Suspense @SwanHuntley

The Descendants meets Single White Female in this captivating novel about a woman who moves her family to Hawaii, only to find herself wrapped up in a dangerous friendship, from the celebrated author of We Could Be Beautiful.

When Nancy and her family arrive in Kona, Hawaii, they are desperate for a fresh start. Nancy’s husband has cheated on her; they sleep in separate bedrooms and their twin sons have been acting out, setting off illegal fireworks. But Hawaii is paradise: they plant an orange tree in the yard; they share a bed once again and Nancy resolves to make a happy life for herself. She starts taking a yoga class and there she meets Ana, the charismatic teacher. Ana has short, black hair, a warm smile, and a hard-won wisdom that resonates deeply within Nancy. They are soon spending all their time together, sharing dinners, relaxing in Ana’s hot tub, driving around Kona in the cute little car Ana helps Nancy buy. As Nancy grows closer and closer to Ana skipping family dinners and leaving the twins to their own devices she feels a happiness and understanding unlike anything she’s ever experienced, and she knows that she will do anything Ana asks of her. 

A mesmerizing story of friendship and manipulation set against the idyllic tropical world of the Big Island, The Goddesses is a stunning psychological novel by one of our most exciting young writers.

NOTE:  I happened upon this book on Net Galley.  Huntley’s publisher gave me access to read in advance.  

It’s a rarity to find a true friend.  You’re lucky if you have one you can call a friend.  Nancy Murphy had a pretty decent life.  And by that, I mean, it was mundane and boring.  Her husband Chuck worked for Costco as a manager and pulled a nice salary.  Nancy and Chuck needed a break from the norm.  Unfortunately, Chuck made a break of the worst kind.  He had an affair on his wife and both he and Nancy needed to have a fresh start. 

So, Chuck moved his family from San Diego to Kona, Hawaii.  What better place to start fresh than in the beautiful paradise of Hawaii.  How could anyone stay mad in a place that was heaven on earth?  Chuck was lucky that his company had a branch in Kona, so he could resume his work there.  But Nancy, on the other hand, still wasn’t happy.  She was trying to get her life back on track and struggling to trust her cheating husband. 

Her twin sons, Jed and Cam, were in high school and doing their own thing, so Nancy had to discover hers.  She joined a yoga class and met some eclectic personalities—one, Ana (pronounced On-Ah).  Nancy couldn’t believe her luck.  Ana was all the things she wanted in a friend, not to mention, all she wanted to be.  The two of them became fast friends doing everything together.  There was only one problem.  Ana was dying.

Yes, Ana was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and only had so much time to live.  Talk about luck, if it wasn’t for bad luck, poor Nancy wouldn’t have any.  The one person who finally got her was going to be ripped away—to leave only her memories on Nancy’s aching heart.  Their friendship grew so quickly, she soon began forgetting about her responsibilities at home.  Jed and Cam had to fend for themselves, and Chuck, oh…who was that again?  Yes, Nancy was having the time of her life with Ana. 

Soon Nancy and Chuck were back at their crossroads, once again, and neither of them were doing anything to help save their failing marriage.  In fact, Chuck began to get jealous of the relationship his wife shared with Ana.  And that, readers, is where all the fun begins.  When you think about people you know, and I’m not talking about just knowing of a person, but truly knowing a person, do you believe what that individual is showing you?  At the end of the day, all you have is a person’s word.  

When you have a bestie, there’s not much you wouldn’t do for them, right

As you delve into Nancy and Ana’s relationship, it will make you examine your own relationships with people who are close to you.  How much are you willing to do for another?  How much love is too much love?  Is there a such thing?  Oh yes, this book raises many questions and challenges to the reader and I absolutely fell in love with this story.

OMG, Huntley wrote the hell out of this book!  She takes you down so many paths, you’re not quite sure which road you’re on and when you get to the end, oh my!  In the description of this book, I noticed it mentioned Single White Female and I thought of that while reading, but, I must say it had an entirely different vibe than SWF.  I can’t say anymore without revealing what happens, but this was one dynamic story.  It’s well written and a page turner.  You will not get enough of this story.

Mello & June gives The Goddesses five friendly high-fives!  Outstanding read and quite entertaining.  This would be a great book to take on vacation and get lost in Nancy and Ana.  Wow, just amazing!  I couldn’t get enough.  This is the first book I’ve read by this author and I’m a fan.  She takes an old subject and gave it new life!  This was a hot read for sure.  The Goddesses goes on sale Tue., July 25, 2017.  Don’t just add this to your to-read shelves, download and start immediately.  You will not be sorry you did.

Until next time, Intellectual Minds, Keep on Reading!



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#Book #Review…Liar…#BookBoost #BookBuzz #Amreading #Psychological #Thriller

How far would you go to protect your family?

Single dad Ben is doing his best to raise his children alone, with the help of his devoted mother Judi. Life isn’t easy, but Judi’s family means everything to her and together, they manage.

Then Ben meets Amber. Everyone thinks this is a perfect match for Ben but Judi isn’t sure … there’s just something about Amber that doesn’t add up.

Ben can’t see why his mother dislikes his new girlfriend. And Amber doesn’t want Judi anywhere near her new family. Amber just wants Ben and the children.

The further Judi delves into Amber’s personal life, the closer she gets to shocking secrets that could change everything. And Judi must make a decision that could lead to the most disastrous consequences.


Wow!  The last time I read a good psychological thriller this tantalizing was when I read Shalini Boland’s The Best Friend.  Talk about an emotional roller coaster!  It was like an adrenaline rush you receive when you can see an accident about to happen, but you’re helpless to stop it.  That’s exactly how Liar felt.

I’m watching the words in my mind like a movie reel, taking in frame by frame this story that was a train wreck from the very beginning.  I love my family so much and there’s not much that I wouldn’t do for them, but one Jukes’ member takes loving a family to the damn extreme!

Judi Jukes is a doormat when it comes to the Jukes family.  Her husband, Henry, who seems to care more about his own interests than his wife’s, doesn’t pay much attention to her like he did when they were first married.  He speaks to her any ‘ole kind of way and hasn’t been intimate with Judi for about a year.  Hmm, it begs the question, if he isn’t getting his lovin’ at home, then where exactly is he getting it?  But this was a story in and of itself.

Judi’s loves of her life is her son Ben Jukes and her two adorable grandsons.  Ben suffered a devastating blow when his beautiful wife, Louise, became terminally ill and died leaving Ben to raise their two sons by himself—with the help of his mother of course.  Judy dotted on her son and grandsons and didn’t mind doing anything to keep them happy and safe.  But, what Judi hadn’t realized then, being a great mom and taking care of her son was alright for the time being; however, Ben wanted more.  He needed a woman in his life.  Someone who could satisfy his needs in a way that mama cannot. 

And wouldn’t you know it, that’s exactly what happened.  Life has a strange way of doing that, doesn’t it?  So, Amber Car walks right into Ben’s heart and his soul.  Judi wasn’t too happy about this new woman replacing her.  Ben tries to gently ease his new lady love into the Jukes family, but Judi was having none of that. 

Now, Ben finds himself being a buffer between his girlfriend and his mother.  He loves his mother dearly, his children even more and his new girlfriend.  Why couldn’t they just get along for the sake of the family?  This was the question Ben and Henry wanted to know.  Women!  Who will ever understand what makes them tick, eh?  And from this point on, the story spirals out of control with each page you turn.  OMG I loved this book!!! One of the best thrillers I’ve read in quite a hot minute! I absolutely abhorred Judi’s character.  She was weak and simple-minded and took a load of shit from her domineering husband.  But as the reader reads on, the ending is going to twist you so far around, you’ll wonder how you even arrived at that place.

What was so interesting about this story is that it starts at the end.  I was in such awe with the way Slater weaved the story and pulled the reader in. The first paragraph reminded me of The Lovely Bones.  When a story grabs you that quickly, you just can’t let go. You will witness a murder, but you’ve got to figure out who is doing the murdering and why?  It’s at that time, when the reader gets to the end of the book, things will become very clear!

I’m happy to say I discovered about midway what was going on.  I had my suspicions and wasn’t quite sure how everything tied together, but I did figure it out.  Trust me, even if you know your way around a great story, it doesn’t spoil the read at all. 

Mello & June gives Liar five truthful stars!  When I tell you to hold onto your damn seats, I’m totally for real. This was really a good book!  It was well crafted by Slater and she is truly a master of building up suspense.  If you haven’t read this or you have it on your to-read list, I highly suggest you crack that baby open and dive into the lives of the Jukes. You’re in for one hell of a bumpy ride and treat! Outstanding!!  Well done, Slater, I’m a fan!

Until next time, Intellectual Minds, Keep on Reading!

When a book makes you feel like you’re in the movie theater, that’s a damn good book!

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In Every Little Step, Brown will for the first time tell the full story of his life and set the record straight, particularly about his relationship with Whitney Houston.

Bobby Brown has been one of the most compelling American artists of the past thirty years, a magnetic and talented figure who successfully crossed over many musical genres, including R&B and hip hop, as well as the mainstream. In the late 1980s, the former front man of New Edition had a wildly successful solo career—especially with the launch of Don’t Be Cruel—garnering multiple hits on the Billboard top ten list, as well as several Grammy, American Music, and Soul Train awards. But Brown put his career on hold to be with the woman he loved—American music royalty Whitney Houston. The marriage between Brown and Houston was perhaps the most closely watched and talked about marriage of the 1990s—a pairing that obsessed the public and the gossip industry. Now, for the first time, the world will be able to hear the truth from the mouth of America’s “bad boy” himself. Raw and powerful, Every Little Step is the story of a man who has been on the top of the mountain and in the depths of the valley and who is now finally ready to talk about his career and family life, from the passion and the excess to his creative inspirations and massive musical success.

On the process of writing this book, Bobby says, “Right after I signed on to write my story, I went through one of the most agonizing traumas I had ever experienced with the death of my daughter. But I was surprised by how therapeutic it was to work on this project, to look at the entire arc of my life and to realize that although there has been considerable pain, I have also been incredibly blessed. I hope my fans and other readers of this book will be entertained by this trip into the crazy, exciting, fascinating world of Bobby Brown. And I hope they will feel that I have been as honest and open with them in these pages as I have tried to be my entire life.”


Bad Boy Bobby Brown is an iconic legend in his own right.  He hails from my favorite male group New Edition, straight out of Boston, Massachusetts and grew up in the Orchard Projects.  In fact, if it weren’t for Bobby, there wouldn’t be a New Edition to be had.  Bobby tells a very enriching exciting and tragic story that only the man himself could explain.  Bobby has been through hell and back and no one could dispute his resiliency over the years.

There’s been much speculation about his life and assumptions made by the public and media alike, but there isn’t one person who would even dare try to walk in this man’s shoes.  In fact, I’m positive you’d want to jump out of his shoes in a heartbeat.  Bobby knew he was destined to be great and do great things and that’s just the facts. His showmanship is undeniable. Whether you like the man or not, you cannot argue that he’s a great entertainer—whether that be from what you’ve witnessed on the stage, or what you think you know about his life from the media.  It wasn’t enough that he created quite a buzz in New Edition, but having left a popular group at its heightened success, to going solo and having a great career in the music industry, the bad boy proved that he can handle the stage and command his audience to pay attention.

Bobby never imagined that he’d marry one of music’s most iconic voices to ever grace this world.  Whitney Houston was and is a legend in her own right as well.  Was it any wonder that these two-dynamic people were destined to spend their lives together?  Everywhere they went, the paparazzi followed them like a watchful parent to a child.  Their romance was all over the place.  I’ve heard the stories just like most others, and I’ve always wondered what was the attraction between Bobby and Whitney?  Love was their common denominator at first, and then things drastically changed in their relationship.  Factor in drugs and alcohol to a Bobby and Whitney relationship, it’s going to be toxic.  Bobby gives detail about his whirlwind marriage to the Voice, Whitney Houston.  Their marriage produced a child, Bobbi Kristina Brown. 

Like most marriages, Bobby’s certainly wasn’t perfect.  He outlined his faults as well as his famous wife’s faults.  He told his truth in only the way he knew how and I felt he was being as real as he could be.  I felt his honesty and truth!  It’s truly hard to judge him on his words because it was his life.  None of us lived his truth, only he and God knows his heart.

This was a good book.  I remember thinking when it came out last year that it was too soon for him to tell his story, considering having lost his daughter Krissy.  His daughter’s life mirrored her mother’s and it wasn’t a great reflection.  It was unfortunate that Bobby was kept in the dark and cut out of his daughter’s life from her mother’s doing, and ultimately from the Houston side of her family.  I can only imagine how painful it was losing his ex-wife, whom he still loved, and then losing his child from her.  In fact, there’s nothing that ties him to the Houston family anymore.  Luckily, Bobby has been given a second chance to be the father he always wanted to be to his children he’s had with other women and with his current wife, Alicia.  She seems to be very good for him, and I’m thankful he has someone now that truly gets him and helps him with all the demons he still faces.

There are parts of Bobby’s story that made me cry especially when he talked about losing his parents, and not long after, Whitney and then Krissy.  I felt his pain as if I had gone through it.  Bobby did the damn thing with his story.  The one thing I didn’t care for was the fact that some of the members of New Edition, as well as Bobby’s family members wrote sections in the book.  This told me one of two things.  Bobby obviously didn’t have much to fill up his memoir, or he wanted to let others have their say.  That sort of turned me off a little.  To me, when a person writes their memoir, it’s a very personal thing.  It’s something that only that individual can write from his/her own life’s experiences, so when you allow someone else to insert their thoughts and experiences into your story, it changes the dynamic of the memoir.  I realize his family needed to tell their side of the story, and I appreciate what they were doing, I just didn’t feel it should have been told from their views, but more so from Bobby’s own words.  Their insertions broke the story up for me and on the Kindle version, it sometimes wasn’t clear where their stories ended and Bobby’s picked up again.  Once I got into the rhythm of his story, I realized with certain clarity who was speaking.

Outside of the side stories inside Bobby’s memoir, it was a decent read.  I’ve always been a fan and will continue to be one.  There’s something special about Bobby Brown that I could never quite put my finger on.  Often when he was in the news about something, I personally felt like I had to defend his actions to people who wanted to talk shit about him.  I don’t know this man just like many others out here in the world don’t, but here we are speaking about what we think and/or thought we knew about him and Bobby put those people in their place with his book.  I’m happy to say that much of what I defended Bobby on turns out I was right.  He explained a lot of the negative press he received and why he believed that happened.  What I love about Bobby is that he owns his part in his wrongdoings.  He’s not hiding behind anyone or pointing the fingers at others.  When a man can stand in his own truth, that’s as real as it gets, and he gives his readers that in his memoir. 

Bobby shares a birthday with someone who is near and dear to my soul, my baby brother.  That’s why I’ve always been drawn to Bobby and I never knew it.  When I just learned that his birthday is February 5th, I about nearly fainted. (chuckle).  So, there you have it folks.  No wonder I went in hard on people who tried to say negative things about Bobby, because I often had to do that for my brother.  The life of an Aquarius can be a difficult one, and they are often misunderstood because they live hard and fight even harder.  I can relate to that. 

Since Bobby is damn there 50, if he hasn’t turned it already, his bad boy persona no longer suits him because he’s not a bad boy, he’s just being who he is.  With that, I call him a Better Bobby Brown.  He’s doing all right in his life now, since being clean and sober for quite a few years, and it is my hope and prayer that he continues.  If he has positive people around him, like his lovely wife and children along with fans such as myself, we’re going to see Bobby continue to flourish and be even a better version of himself.  So please drop the bad boy and replace it with Better Bobby Brown!  I’m proud of you, Bobby, and thanks for setting the record straight and letting us into your world.  God bless you and your family.

Mello and June gives Every Little Step four musical notes.  It was inspiring, sad, exciting, and intriguing all wrapped up into one.  I’m looking forward to new music from Bobby and seeing him up on stage entertaining us for all he’s worth.  If you haven’t read his life story, you need to add this one to your reading list.

Until next time, Intellectual Minds, Keep on Reading!

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#Book #Review…Death Turns a Trick…#BookBoost #Cozy #Mystery #Amreading

Rebecca Schwartz, nice Jewish lawyer with a few too many fantasies, is happily playing the piano in a whorehouse when she suddenly finds herself assigned to make sure a near-naked state senator escapes a police raid. That dirty job done, a lovely evening turns even more delightful when she’s picked up by the cops and spends the next two hours at the Hall of Justice. Could this day get any worse? Of Course! Guess who arrives home to find a dead hooker on her living room floor?

Handsome Parker Phillips, Rebecca’s new beau and the most attractive man she’s met in ages, is arrested for the murder. (Worse, she suspects he might actually have done it.)

On the plus side, another very attractive man is following the case–reporter Rob Burns of the San Francisco Chronicle, a possible ally. And there are other possibilities.

Fans of Janet Evanovich, Joan Hess, and Elizabeth Peters will get a kick out of this one.

It’s been quite a long while since I’ve read the comfort of a cozy mystery.  There’s something to be said for the water-downed murder mystery.

Rebecca Schwartz is a lawyer who happens to be friends with San Francisco’s most prominent Madam.  Not only is she friends, but she’s also her attorney.  So imagine when her girlfriend gets in a pickle and needs someone to play the piano for her party.  You guessed it, none other than Rebecca. This woman possessed several gifts. While playing at this who’s who elite guests of politicians, actors and the like, the party unfortunately gets raided, and Rebecca is mortified that she’s going to be seen. 

A hooker rescues Rebecca with a special request to take one of the political figures home, while secretly escorting them out the back door.  She did as she was asked and while the politician was more concerned that he left his wallet at the whorehouse, he demanded that Rebecca stop the car. She refuses, of course, and he reaches for the wheel causing the car to hit a parked one thereby creating a scene and attracting law enforcement’s attention.  Not something you want to do at a time like this.

The politician exits stage left and leaves poor Rebecca to fend for herself.  It didn’t help that she was dressed like a hooker, so her spiel she gave to the police was quite entertaining.  As a result, Rebecca spends time in the slammer and is furious with the whole situation.  Her friend bails her out and she’s free to go home.  Well, as luck would have it, or lack thereof in her case, she gets inside her apartment and discovers one of the hookers that was in attendance at the party earlier sprawled out on her living floor. Talk about adding insult to injury.  

As the reader goes on, the list of whodunits continues to grow and Rebecca weaves her way through this terrible ordeal.  When the smoke clears, there’s one person who will stand out in front of the entire pack.

This was truly a delightful read and quite humorous.  It brought to mind that I need to read cozy mysteries more often because they can be hella entertaining.  This was really a fun read and one that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. I happened to come by this book by BookBub.  It was offered free a few weeks ago, and I just picked up the second installment for free on BookBub. You see, my Intellectual Minds, this is why you should join those types of sites because they have some really great steals and often free books you can read and enjoy whenever you want.

Mello & June gives Death Turns a Trick four Johns stars.  This was a cute and zany read and had me laughing at Rebecca’s crazy sarcasm and quick wit.  Until next time, Intellectual Minds, Keep on Reading!

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#Grand #Finale #Book #Tour…The Man She Knew…#BookBoost @FanPerks #Romance #Tour #Giveaway

On Tour with Prism Book Tours.

Book Tour Grand Finale for
The Man She Knew
By Loree Lough

We hope you enjoyed the tour! If you missed any of the stops
you can see snippets, as well as the link to each full post, below…

Launch – Note from the Author

Researching this novel was different from any other I’ve written, because Ian Sylvestry is my first ex-convict hero! A very troubled teen, Ian got involved with some bad dudes, and didn’t realize just how bad they were until, one rainy night, he goes along with them as they commit a felony. He had plenty of time to think about his unwise, immature choices while he served ten years for the crime. Plenty of time to think about all the people his imprudent decision had hurt. Upon his release, he works tirelessly to become a respectable citizen, and earns the respect of family and friends. But is it too late to win back the heart of Maleah Turner, the love of his life…?

Rockin’ Book Reviews – Review

“The story is a very good one. The characters were portrayed well, the scenes easily visualized from familiarity, and had a steady smooth flow throughout most of the book. A few real social problems are addressed. It is also a story of strong family relationships and support, and of dysfunctional homes. It is often uplifting and has a few twists which adds to the drams. I truly enjoyed the quite predictable tale.”

deal sharing aunt – Interview

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your book?

For The Man She Knew, I learned that everyone, no matter what terrible thing is in their past, deserves a second chance. I also learned a whole lot about life in prison, and what it’s like to return to a society that flat-out doesn’t trust you. Those who succeed in life after serving a prison term are to be commended, because my research and interviews proved…it ain’t easy!

Booklove – Review

“Amazing, beautiful and captivating with strong and lovely characters and a flowing and engaging plot. I loved it and would recommend it to everyone.”

Beck Valley Books – Excerpt

Those final moments in the courthouse were as vivid now as they had been that dreary morning: Ian, looking like a terrified boy as one guard slammed the prison van’s side door and another put the vehicle into gear. He’d raised a hand to wave goodbye, but the chain connecting handcuffs to leg irons stopped him. Tears filled his eyes, and unable to watch, she’d closed her own. By the time she opened them again, the driver had already made the first turn onto Lombard Street and started the hour-long trip Lincolnwood Correctional of Central Maryland…

Hearts & Scribbles – Character Descriptions

Ian Sylvestry:

Mid-30s, 6’2”, 190 lbs.; green eyes, dark hair (ponytail), diamond stud in left earlobe, tattoos; former convict, now owns a popular bistro in historic Fells Point.

Janice’s Book Review – Review

“Loved that beside that he owed and ran a restaurant that he also did search and rescue with his dog. Love the families on both sides and closeness. I definitely recommend this book.”

Katie’s Clean Book Collection – Introduction to the Series

“By Way of the Lighthouse” features heroes and heroines separated by hurt, anger, and disagreements.

Falling Leaves – Excerpt

Was this it then? The end?

When they tell her I’m gone, will she cry?

Ian hoped not. He’d only seen her cry once, on the day the carted him off to Lincoln.

Most awful thing ever…

Because he’d caused her tears, and it shamed him, even now.

If the powers that be decided to give him one more chance, he’d make things right.

Somehow, I’ll make things right…

Brooke Blogs – Character Interviews

Interview with Ian Sylvestry:

Q: So Ian, tell us what led up to your arrest…

A: I was a dumb kid with a big chip on my shoulder. After my mother ran off to England with another guy, my dad turned to alcohol to hide from what she’d done to us, leaving me to pretty much raise myself.

Q: And that’s how you got involved with what you’ve referred to as “some bad dudes”?

A: It makes no sense to me now, but back then, they were like brothers, there for me no matter what.

Reading Is My SuperPower – Review

“There are a lot of things going on in The Man She Knew – and it all combines to make a great read! An inspiring story of second chances, forgiveness and family, this novel more than lives up to its ‘heartwarming’ brand. It never gets sappy, though, or saccharine; instead, Lough has given us warm characters, a compelling plot, and a tender romance.”

Cinnamon Cindy’s Book Blog – Excerpt

It had been a mistake, asking Andy to drop him this far from her grandparents’ drive. Walking on flat ground had been a challenge with crutches, and then the cane. He took his time, but tromping through deep snow made him wince with every step. If you put yourself in the hospital, you’ll only have yourself to—

Becky on Books – Interview

Where did the inspiration for this book come from?

For some reason, I kept hearing stories about how difficult it is for the newly released—men and women—to return to normal lives. From reuniting with family to finding a job, they meet obstacles of every variety. Now, I’m no Pollyanna…I realize some of these people are hardened criminals that will return to their old ways and probably end up right back in prison. But some of them honestly want to leave that life behind, and do everything in their power to start fresh and stay on the right path. So I wrote a story featuring a guy like that, who made a stupid mistake—and paid for it—and wanted little more of life when he left prison bars behind than to prove himself a changed man.

Christian Suspense Author Mary Alford – Review

“This is a heartwarming story of love overcoming all obstacles. I thoroughly enjoyed the romance and the characters that Ms. Lough created in this epic story and I can’t wait to read what she has in store for us next.”

It’s All About the Romance – The Setting

All stories in the “By Way of the Lighthouse” series are set in and around Baltimore, and feature the quaint, picturesque, and historic streets, shops, and homes.

Bookworm Lisa – Review

“This book dealt with some real emotional issues. I was impressed the Loree Lough took a tough subject matter and turned it into a positive. There are so many psychological issues that had to be overcome for this book to succeed. I felt that it was done well.

If you like books about second chances, success in spite of obstacles, family loyalty, and honor, this may be a book for you to dive into.”

Heidi Reads… – Excerpt

He’d forgotten how good, how right she felt in his arms. If she kept looking up at him that way he’d kiss her, long and hard and…

Ian cleared his throat. “You look pretty good in an evening gown.”

“And you look pretty good in a tux.”

“Good thing it didn’t snow, like Marty Bass said it would.”

“In his defense, he said might.”

“So he did…”

“But you’re right. If it had snowed, I’d break my neck in these shoes.”

Nicole’s Book Musings – The Song that Changed Everything

On the night of the big charity ball, Ian and Maleah shared a dance. Just one dance. But it was enough to remind them both how perfect their young love had been…

Getting Your Read On – Review

“The whole premise of the book is such an interesting one and I was caught up in Ian’s struggle. There is just something about a story of second chances, especially one in the extreme like this one. It wasn’t just a second chance at love but a second chance at life.”

Thoughts of a Blonde – Review

“Redemption, turmoil and undying love are brought to life in Loree Lough’s latest release! We meet Ian, a tarnished man who has gone to great lengths to turn his life around and is such a joy to grow to adore throughout the book. The heroine however, is not easy to love. She’s a kind and generous soul to everyone else, but to him, she’s self-righteous and hurtful. In the end, we have to find forgiveness in our heart as well as we make our way through the story towards that happily-ever-after…”

underneath the covers – Excerpt

He missed hearing her sweet-yet-sultry voice. Missed those big glittery blue eyes, too. Once, that cheery smile had the power to light every dark corner of his life and make him forget that his mother had chosen another man over him and his dad.

Inside the Mind of an Avid Reader – Review

“This book has every thing you could want from a clean contemporary romance. You have heartache, love, laughter, and of course the Happily Ever After. If you looking for something to just make you feel good while your reading it and keep a smile on your face this book is perfect for you.”

And don’t forget to enter the giveaway below…

The Man She Knew
(By Way of the Lighthouse, #1)
by Loree Lough
Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 384 pages
June 1st 2017 by Harlequin Heartwarming

Don’t they both deserve a second chance?

Fourteen years ago, one reckless act cost Ian Sylvestry everything, including the girl he planned to marry. Since then, he has fought hard to turn his life around. Returning to his Baltimore town after serving a prison term was the first step. Winning back Maleah Turner’s trust is a far more daunting challenge. From their first sparks-flying reunion, it’s obvious they still have powerful feelings for each other. In fact, they might be even stronger together now. But if their second chance is going to work, Maleah has to believe that Ian is a changed man. She really wants to believe…but she simply isn’t convinced.

GoodreadsAmazonBarnes & NobleHarlequin

Bestselling author LOREE LOUGH once sang for her supper, performing across the U.S. and Canada. Now and then, she blows the dust from her 6-string to croon a tune or two, but mostly, she writes novels that have earned hundreds of industry and “Readers’ Choice” awards, 4- and 5-star reviews, and 7 book-to-movie options. The Man She Knew, #1 in her “By Way of the Lighthouse” series, her 3rd for Harlequin Heartwarming, is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Harlequin.com.


Tour Giveaway

– Two winners will receive a $10 Amazon eGift Card (open internationally)
– Two winners will receive an ebook of THE MAN SHE KNEW (open internationally)
– Two winners will receive a print copy of THE MAN SHE KNEW (US only)
– Ends June 13th

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