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‘Are you my mummy?’ 

Tessa Markham comes home to find a little boy in her kitchen. He thinks she’s his mother. But Tessa doesn’t have any children.  

Not anymore. 

She doesn’t know who the child is or how he got there. 

After contacting the police, Tessa comes under suspicion for snatching the boy. She must fight to prove her innocence. But how can she convince everyone she’s not guilty when even those closest to her are questioning the truth? And when Tessa doesn’t even trust herself… 

A chilling, unputdownable thriller with a dark twist that will take your breath away and make you wonder if you can ever trust anyone again. Perfect for fans of Gone Girl, Girl on the Train and The Sister. 

What readers are saying about Shalini Boland: 

‘What can I say? Just wow. I’m usually never surprised by an ending, but this one blew me away. I am totally in shock and think I’ll have a hangover from this book for a while. A great read that keeps you on your toes until the very last word.’ Stacey Harrell, Goodreads  

‘If anyone can have me reading until 2am and finishing a book in less than 48hrs in the school holidays it’s this author… massive five stars from me.’ Sarah Mackins, UK Crime Book Club, 5 stars 

‘The plot is gripping and once you’ve started reading, you have to keep on reading, you need to know how the story will end.’ Bits About Books, 5 Stars 
… one of the most chilling reads of the year for me. Ajoobacats Blog, 5 Stars 
‘This is a brilliant psychological thriller. In fact, it’s one of the best I’ve read. It is full of suspense and has more twists and turns than a fairground ride.’ Jackie Roche, UK Crime Book Club, 5 Stars 

‘I thought I knew the direction this story was going go. Then the jaw dropping moment happened!… unputdownable!’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 Stars 

‘Once again, Boland has managed to blow my mind with all the twists and turns… an outstanding explosive read!’ Mello and June, 5 Stars

Happy New Year, Intellectual Minds!  This is my first book review for 2018.  I feel so invigorated.  What a way to start off the reading year!  So, let’s get it going.

As usual, Boland never lets her readers down!  She always takes you down one path and you end up in a completely different location.

What would you do if you came home from work and found a cute little doe-eyed brown haired five-year-old boy sitting at your kitchen table drawing pictures and coloring them in?  If you expected this adorable child to be in your home, there wouldn’t be any cause for alarm, but if you don’t have any children, all sorts of bells and whistles should be sounding off!

Tessa Markham could not believe her eyes.  This child sat at her table as if he belonged, and Tessa knew full well that this child did not.  Did she call the police as soon as she discovered this child?  No!  When she questioned the child as to how he got to her home, he wasn’t forthcoming with information.  All he managed to say was “an angel brought me here.  Are you my mummy?”

Totally shocked and terrified, Tessa called her estranged husband.  Of course, Scott would know what she needed to do, right?  Hmm, Scott appeared agitated that she even called him.  When he arrives at his former home, he’s just as shocked as Tessa to see this child sitting at the table drawing and coloring like he doesn’t have a care in the world.  Harry, as they learned of the boy’s name, seemed happy to be within his element, so why were these two adults looking at him like they were crazy?

Scott became outraged with Tessa that instead of calling the police straight away, she called him.  What kind of responsible adult would do that?  Because Tessa was so distraught, Scott finally calls the police and they come and investigate the situation.   Of course, the police separate all parties.  Tessa is trying to keep it together, but suddenly she gets a sinking feeling about Harry.  She doesn’t want to see this child ripped away and placed in foster care.  Perhaps she went about this situation all wrong, or did she?

Well, readers, this is where our story takes flight.  As usual, Boland has a way of twisting plots in a hundred different ways until you’re so confused as to who is doing what, you’re not clear what is happening, until the ending smacks you in the face.  What an incredible story Boland has managed to tell.

This story was really good and it reads pretty quickly.  Once you get started, it’s hard to put the book down.  I have to say, though, this storyline didn’t make me earn it like some of Boland’s other novels.  It’s a good story, but for me it came off as a bit predictable.  Once I figured out a few scenarios, it wasn’t too hard to put two and two together.  However, having said that, it doesn’t deflect from the story and it’s very entertaining and keeps you on the edge of your seat. 

Mello & June gives The Secret Mother four mummy hi-fives.  As you journey along with Tessa and all that she’s been through and what is going to eventually happen to her, you’ll be hard pressed to put this book down.  Actually, if you have a few hours to set aside, you could read this book in one day, it’s that damn good.  Boland, as usual, always keeps her readers front and center.  Another masterpiece from the author of twisting plots.  Great job!  Until next time, Intellectual Minds, keep on reading!

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Something Down There
Nancy Widrew
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Publisher: Azure Spider Publications
Publication Date: November 15, 2017
Not all caves are uninhabited
Horror erupts when newlyweds, Karen and Jeremy, cross paths with members of a diabolical cult inside a West Virginia cave. Living below the earth’s surface has triggered mutations, rendering the cult members nearly infertile. Their leader, a wild-eyed, cunning brute, refuses to let the couple leave, believing they and their potential offspring hold the key to surviving underground. Are Karen and Jeremy doomed to spend their lives inside this sunless, subterranean wasteland, or do they escape before their minds shatter and their bodies betray them?
– [Name], Goodreads Reviewer

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Book Excerpt

Take an inside look on Something Down There with this thrilling excerpt.
Reaching into his pants pocket, he drew out a small leather case attached to a silver chain and dangled it before her eyes.
Karen grabbed it from his hand and looked it over as if she needed to make certain it was real. “I know I took the damned keys from the car,” she said. All the same, she felt a moment of relief at having a new set in her possession. That relief, however, ended in a flash.
With a powerful leap to a ledge above, Rahm crossed his arms over his chest like a dictator about to make a pronouncement. “They won’t do you any good,” he bellowed.
Jeremy swallowed hard, raising a hand to his throat. “W-what do you mean?” he said, reaching out for something to grab onto. Finding nothing, he spread his legs wide, feet flat on the floor, trying to maintain his balance.
Rahm, aware of the significance of this moment and wanting to ensure that it remained stamped in everyone’s mind, stood tall, chin out. “While you were sleeping last night, I climbed out and drove your car off a bridge. You will not be allowed to leave.”
Karen’s hands flew to her face. She began to cry and dropped to one knee. Protectively, Jeremy rushed to her side, encircled her in his arms, and pulled her close. He glared at this insane man, his new enemy, standing above. With hate etched in the dark hollows of his cheeks and in the lines of his furrowed brow, he said, “What do you mean? Why can’t we leave? You won’t get away with this!”
Rahm, a leader of few but a leader nonetheless, addressed his flock, gathering with solemnity about the pair, now unofficial members of the tribe, even if against their will. All eyes riveted up.
“You can’t leave because we need you. That is, we need your baby—the baby you will have, sooner or later. And yes, we will get away with it. You see, the harnesses are gone, and we dismantled the machinery that lowered you down. You will never be able to find your way out. Don’t even try. It would be suicidal.”
Karen stared at her husband, her jaw dropping in disbelief, as the horror of her predicament bore down with jackhammer force into her brain. Unless she and Jeremy were guided out, they were snared, trapped, condemned, damned. Without the candles, lanterns, or torches they couldn’t see the tips of their fingers, and even with their carbide lamps they wouldn’t know the way through this puzzling maze with its unknown levels and intricate network.
Jeremy’s nails dug into his wife’s shoulders. “Dear God,” he wailed. “We’re doomed, and it’s all my fault. Forgive me, Karen. Please!”
She looked at him blankly, then blinked, her breath coming in staccato bursts, piercing her lungs like wounds from a knife. She began to run blindly, crying, “Let me die! Let me die!”


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About Nancy Widrew

Nancy Widrew

Nancy Widrew was born and raised in NYC before settling in New England with her husband. She has two grown children and two four-legged furry ones, always a source of amusement. She has had short stories published in webzines and a print anthology. This is her first novel.
Follow Nancy Widrew on Twitter at https://twitter.com/nancywidrew

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In Wolves’ Clothing
Greg Levin
Publication date: October 11, 2017
Genres: Adult, Psychological Thriller

Zero Slade is not a bad guy—he merely plays one when saving children’s lives.

During his seven years on a team fighting child sex trafficking, Zero’s become quite good at schmoozing with pimps, getting handcuffed by cops and pretending not to care about the Lost Girls he liberates. But the dangerous sting operations are starting to take their toll on his marriage and sanity. His affinity for prescription painkillers isn’t exactly helping matters.

When the youngest girl the team has ever rescued gets abducted from a safe house in Cambodia, Zero decides to risk everything to find her. His only shot is to go rogue—and sink deeper into the bowels of the trafficking world than he’s ever sunk.

It’s the biggest mission of his life. Trouble is, it’s almost certain death.

“A truly original and enthralling novel. Levin’s blazing prose and acerbic wit capture the madness—and the humanity—of working undercover in the darkest corners.” Radd Berrett, former Jump Team member, Operation Underground Railroad

Goodreads / Amazon

I can’t remember if I took an oxy during the flight, so I eat two. They pair nicely with the scotch.

It’s good to be home.

I should be upstairs sleeping, especially since I didn’t catch a single wink on the flight from Guadalajara. But there’s something I have to finish first.

An eight-letter word for gradually losing one’s edge.


I fill in each box of 27 Down with my black pen and take another sip of scotch. It’s times like these I turn into God. The crossword squares fill up by themselves in a secret blurry code. A few of the answers might even be correct.

The black pleather couch makes love to me as I solve 32 Across.

A four-letter word for spouse.


She’s leaning on the banister, wearing a white T-shirt and gray sweatpants that might have fit me when I was ten. Her eyes, almond-shaped during waking hours, are half open.

“You’re home?” she says, pre-dawn gravel in her voice.

“Hi, baby,” I say while trying to conceal the nearly empty lowball glass in my hand. “Sorry to wake you. I’ll be up in a sec.”

Neda yawns and combs her hand through a shining cascade of black hair. “What time d’you get in?”

I scratch my shaved dome, feeling the perspiration forming, and say, “Uh, a little after one maybe.”

Neda opens her eyes the rest of the way. “You’ve been here for nearly two hours? Why didn’t—”

“Baby, I just needed to unwind a bit before bed.”

Neda’s eyes open wider than the manual recommends. “Why must unwinding always involve single malt and a crossword?” she asks. “You know, some men unwind by spooning their beautiful wife. Especially when they haven’t seen her in four days.”

I ponder the answer to 36 Across.

“Zero!” Neda shouts.

The sound knocks the pen from my fingers, and I go, “I didn’t want to wake you.”

“And look how that worked out for you,” says Neda. “At least if you’d come up when you got home you wouldn’t be getting yelled at.”

I tell her not to be mad, then get up from the couch as gracefully as a man two drinks and twenty milligrams in can. “I knew if I woke you right when I got home, you’d want to talk about the mission.”

I realize this is not what God would say. I can tell by Neda’s face.


Author Bio:

Greg Levin is an award-winning author of contemporary fiction with a dark comedic tinge. He’s gone from being read merely by immediate family and friends to being read also by extended family and Facebook acquaintances.

Greg’s novel The Exit Man was optioned by Showtime for development into a TV series, and won a 2015 Independent Publisher Book Award (a.k.a., an “IPPY”). He earned a second IPPY with his next novel, Sick to Death, which Craig Clevenger (The Contortionist’s Handbook) called “a tour de force dark comedy.” Greg’s upcoming book, In Wolves’ Clothing, is due out October 2017 and is his most dangerous work yet. He wrote much of it during a ten-week-long workshop led by the great Chuck Palahniuk (author of Fight Club and lots of other books Greg sleeps with at night).

Greg resides with his wife, daughter and two cats in Austin, Texas. He is currently wanted by local authorities for refusing to say “y’all” or do the two-step.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter


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In Wolves’ Clothing
Greg Levin
Publication date: October 11, 2017
Genres: Adult, Psychological Thriller

Zero Slade is not a bad guy—he merely plays one when saving children’s lives.

During his seven years on a team fighting child sex trafficking, Zero’s become quite good at schmoozing with pimps, getting handcuffed by cops and pretending not to care about the Lost Girls he liberates. But the dangerous sting operations are starting to take their toll on his marriage and sanity. His affinity for prescription painkillers isn’t exactly helping matters.

When the youngest girl the team has ever rescued gets abducted from a safe house in Cambodia, Zero decides to risk everything to find her. His only shot is to go rogue—and sink deeper into the bowels of the trafficking world than he’s ever sunk.

It’s the biggest mission of his life. Trouble is, it’s almost certain death.

“A truly original and enthralling novel. Levin’s blazing prose and acerbic wit capture the madness—and the humanity—of working undercover in the darkest corners.” – Radd Berrett, former Jump Team member, Operation Underground Railroad

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Author Bio:

Greg Levin is an award-winning author of contemporary fiction with a dark comedic tinge. He’s gone from being read merely by immediate family and friends to being read also by extended family and Facebook acquaintances.

Greg’s novel The Exit Man was optioned by Showtime for development into a TV series, and won a 2015 Independent Publisher Book Award (a.k.a., an “IPPY”). He earned a second IPPY with his next novel, Sick to Death, which Craig Clevenger (The Contortionist’s Handbook) called “a tour de force dark comedy.” Greg’s upcoming book, In Wolves’ Clothing, is due out October 2017 and is his most dangerous work yet. He wrote much of it during a ten-week-long workshop led by the great Chuck Palahniuk (author of Fight Club and lots of other books Greg sleeps with at night).

Greg resides with his wife, daughter and two cats in Austin, Texas. He is currently wanted by local authorities for refusing to say “y’all” or do the two-step.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter

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Nerve Damage
by J.L. Meyers
Genre: Psychological Thriller

A fatal car crash. The sole survivor. And the dark hooded stranger that wants her dead.

When a terrible accident—not accident—stole my parents’ lives, my whole perfect life changed. My memories are hazy, and there are scars on my wrists. I’ve been locked away for my own protection…until I prove my sanity, until I lie. There was no hooded figure on the road that day, no one standing over me as I lay paralyzed watching my parents burn.

I am Cassidy Lockheart…20-year-old orphan.

Determined to free my caged mind, I find myself far away on an unexpected trip to help return my forgotten past. The snow was part of my life before, but now it’s like a blank slate, until an avalanche changes everything. But I’m not alone. These other ‘lucky’ trip winners may not be the strangers they pretend to be. And my hooded attacker…I see him everywhere.

Is this real? Or delusion caused by head trauma?

Either way, I’m being watched. I can sense it. I can feel it. Someone is after me; maybe they’re after us all. The avalanche was no accident. It was staged to deliver us to this abandoned place. A place where the walls whisper dark secrets of a sinister past…a past no one can escape. Trapped, this snow won’t let up…it won’t let us leave. My lost memories hold clues, but they’re buried so deep, polluted and twisted in my every waking nightmare. What is real? I don’t have the answers. But I need them. Time is ticking and if I don’t figure this all out soon it will be too late.

The past is coming for us all…and it wants blood.

Warning – This book contains some graphic scenes that are only for an adult audience.

Psychological Thriller / Horror

“Think of the tension of Silence of the Lambs combined with the horror of Carrie and you have Nerve Damage. This is a psychological thriller that won’t let you put it down, yet you are almost too scared to turn the page!” — Diane Richmond (devoted bookworm) ★★★★★

This chilling tale from J.L. Myers is a suspenseful and twisted addition to other great psychological thrillers from the likes of Sarah A. Denzil, K.L. Slater, and Dot Hutchison.

Jessica L Myers’ vivid imagination and quiet demeanor as a child led her to the imaginary worlds of books. Even at a young age, her love for the supernatural was prevalent, with her first loved books being R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps series. Following that she took an interest in other non-fantasy fiction, including Virginia C. Andrews series Flowers in the Attic.

In her teen years, Jessica spent many school hours writing poetry and dark short stories and took up sketching some of the terrifying things that came from the graphic night terrors she’d grown up with.

As an adult and after meeting the love of her life, Jessica got married and started a small construction business with her husband. With the birth of her son, Jessica suffered PPD and found escape in her books and their fantasy landscapes. It was at this time that her need to write flourished. In 2009 the decision was made and the first words to her New Adult Paranormal Romance novel What Lies Inside were written.

When Jessica isn’t immersed in writing about extraordinary characters with dangerous abilities and deadly obstacles to overcome, she likes to spend time with her two kids and husband, curl up with a good book, or watch anything and everything supernatural.

 Website * Facebook * BB Series Facebook * Twitter * Amazon * Goodreads


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If The Bed Falls In
Bedfellows Book 1
by Paul Casselle
Genre: Psychological, Conspiracy Thriller

Not the usual psychological thriller…

Tom Friday, a depressed photographer is plagued with hallucinations. But paranoia turns into reality when he comes face to face with the truth; all his memories are false. Is he really Joseph Miller, a renegade MI6 assassin suffering severe amnesia? And does western society’s survival hinge on him regaining his memory?

 What are people saying about If The Bed Falls In…

“The storytelling skills of the author are amazing…It is one of those books that left me craving for more…and the end of it brought an acute sense of bereavement. Therefore, totally recommendable!”  – Yves TOP 500 Reviewer Amazon.co.uk

“If you have never read any books by Paul Casselle, then you should know he ranks up along with the greatest authors of this genre. You just can’t put it down. He is the new “King” of thrillers. I loved it! Janice.” – Amazon Kindle Reader

“If The Bed Falls In is a chilling psychological thriller that attaches itself into your subconscious and refuses to leave. Paul Casselle is a story-teller who deftly weaves his tale into a thrill ride of a page turner. He creates multilevel characters that remain with the reader long after the book has been closed. His characters leap off he page and scream to be heard.” – The Hungry Monster Book Review 

Buy books 1 & 2 as a box set! Cut & Paste this link into your browser – https://amzn.com/B01HYE7YJO

Guerrillas By Night
Bedfellows Companion Novella
**Get your FREE download of Book One inside this novella**

When MI6 agent Tilda Brooker walked into a secret CIA facility in New Mexico, she had no idea that she was initiating a terrifying series of events.

Who was the Russian defector she was there to guard? What was so important about his scientific work? And why was the most powerful family in the world determined to destroy both him and his

For Tilda, this was just another day. For human society, today might be their last!


**You must read Book One ‘If The Bed Falls In’ before you read this novella – Book One is FREE to download with this companion book**

As Mad As Hell
Bedfellows Book 2

“Don’t start reading unless you can snuggle up with coffee and a big chunk of time. I couldn’t put it down.” – Amazon.com Kindle Reader

 As Mad as Hell is the second book in the ‘Bedfellows thriller series’. It picks up the story where If The Bed Falls In left off!

The first book is a psychological thriller that begins the descent into the dark and criminal dealings of the international banks and corrupt national  governments. A disgruntled MI6 agent wakes up to how ‘The Few’ are destroying all we hold dear, are accumulating everything of physical value on our planet, and are committed to enslaving humanity in a medieval feudal system.

This second book in the series, takes us so much deeper as we follow a rogue MI6 agent using every resource he can to hunt down the culprits behind the New World Order. But he is a man battling with his own internal demons as well as the One Percenters.

With the CIA, MI6 and the most powerful family in the world hot on his heels, he struggles to blow the lid off the 9/11 conspiracy, but stumbles across deep and frightening truths that are darker than even the most committed conspiracist would have believed. His carefully laid plans take him to New York, Johannesburg and London as the intricate plot slowly reveals itself.

WARNING: The faint hearted should turn away now. Only those who really want to dig deep into the lumpy broth of humanity should buy this book.

 A companion novella Guerrillas by Night is available from Amazon NOW..

 The third book, A Tale of Three Cities will be released in 2018.

 Buy books 1 & 2 as a box set! Cut & Paste this link into your browser – https://amzn.com/B01HYE7YJO


I live in Spain with 3 Labradors, 2 children & 1 girlfriend. Moving to Spain gave me the impetus I needed to finish Conversations with Eric. The warm climate caused me to move the second half of the novel here as well.

I love telling a compelling story that will both intrigue and excite my readers. I want to take you to places that will exhilarate as well as entertain. I’m never shy about sailing near the edge. The unusual is my normal and jaw-dropping surprising my stock-in-trade.

I am currently writing a new psychological thriller called, If The Bed Falls In. I hope to complete the novel by December 2015. If you liked Conversations with Eric, watch out, If The Bed Falls In will knock your socks off!

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Psychological Thriller
Date Published: August 5, 2017
 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png
The hunters become the hunted…
When Rebecca’s childhood abuser avoids prosecution, it sets her on a path to revenge, revenge on any man who preys on the innocent.
Twenty-three-year-old Rebecca poses as a child online and sets her trap, luring one predatory sex offender after another to their deaths.
When a severed head is found washed up on a windswept estuary beach, the police begin their investigation.
The internationally bestselling author of White is the Coldest Colour is back with a heart-racing, electrifying psychological thriller packed with suspense.
Brilliantly gripping, A Mind To Kill will have you hooked from the very first page and holding your breath to the heart-stopping and shocking ending.
What people are saying about A Mind To Kill:
‘A brilliant, searing, page-turning story.’ Renita D’Silva – Bestselling author
‘It chilled me to the core.’ Book Reviews To Ponder
‘Don’t miss out on this gripping page-turner of a psychological thriller.’
‘A very dark psychological thriller fraught with tension and the sense of evil radiating from the pages.’ The Book Revue Cafe
‘This is an author who likes to write and jump just a little over the edge to keep his readers gasping.’ Read Along With Sue
‘Another elegant and exquisitely composed story.’ Melanie Lewis – The Book Club
‘Packs a punch between the eyeballs that will keep you reeling all the way to the end.’ Ann Girdharry – Bestselling author
‘Brilliant, emotionally charged story telling that will leave readers on their edge of their seats until the very last page.’ Tome Tender Book Blog
‘Another superb read by John Nicholl.’ Cheekypee Reads And Reviews

About the Author

John Nicholl, an ex police officer, child protection social worker and lecturer, has written three dark psychological suspense thrillers, each of which have been Amazon international bestsellers, reaching # 1 in multiple categories in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Australia, Canada and the USA. John is always happy to hear from readers, bloggers or the media, and can be contacted via his author website at: http://www.johnnicholl.com. Rights enquiries should be directed to Mr Toby Mundy – Literary agent at TMA. A Mind To Kill was published on 5 August 2017.

Contact Links
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Parent Teacher Association

by Jennifer Soosar

GENRE:   Suspense, psychological


Fresh out of a mental hospital, Lizanne Demeter is thrilled to get a second chance at her career when she’s hired to teach third grade in the backwater town of Splinter Wood, Pennsylvania. But hopes for a peaceful new life are ruined when demanding ‘helicopter mom’ Naomi Seabrook pushes Lizanne to the brink.

While struggling to maintain control of her classroom, Lizanne begins to unravel the secret behind Naomi’s hell-bent agenda. As deadly clues emerge, Lizanne suspects Naomi is guilty of more than just overindulging her child.

With her life teetering on chaos, Lizanne risks everything to expose the shocking truth. But first, she must race against her own spiraling sanity to prove herself a more dedicated teacher than anyone dared imagine—the kind of teacher who makes ALL the difference.

Lizanne’s heart beat faster when the page loaded. LockupLink.com was a website for prisoners looking for pen pals. Free to Join! Connect with Lonely Single Inmates!

She couldn’t remember how or when the idea had first dawned on her—a Reader’s Digest article glanced at in the day room? Something on Maury Povich ages ago? But now, here it was, a practical and obvious solution.

In seconds, she was scrolling through listings of incarcerated men in Pennsylvania’s prisons. Her hand trembled over the mouse.

The ads were fascinating to read, and she poured over them, one after another. All pertinent information on each prisoner at her fingertips, his photograph, and a written greeting.

Some were murderers, others in for sexual assault, armed robbery, or drugs. It felt dangerous and wrong to look at some of the profiles. These were evil men, no denying it. But she found herself feeling sympathetic, and strangely turned on.

A lot of these desperados were very good looking, posing shirtless against a hand-painted mountain range, their bodies as fine and masculine as the models on the covers of her romance novels. They were heavily muscled and tattooed. Some guys smiled while others had tough, stiff expressions.

Her body felt a ticklish excitement as she browsed photos and read descriptions—all written with a strong undercurrent of wistfulness and remorse.

Lizanne felt powerful. In control. They all wanted her. They were practically begging for her companionship, like stray dogs in a kill shelter. If she didn’t like the looks of someone, or the tone in the description—click—and she was on to another.

Author Bio and Links:

Jennifer Soosar watched too much ‘America’s Most Wanted’ growing up and has been writing about shady characters ever since. She was born and raised in Toronto and has a degree in Anthropology from York University. Her short fiction has appeared in the Toronto Star and in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine. She is a member of the Crime Writers of Canada, the International Thriller Writers and Sisters in Crime.

Her website is: www.JenniferSoosar.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/parentteacherassociationnovel/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jensoosar

Book buy links: https://www.amazon.com/parent-teacher-association/dp/1626946914

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#Book #Review…Liar…#BookBoost #BookBuzz #Amreading #Psychological #Thriller

How far would you go to protect your family?

Single dad Ben is doing his best to raise his children alone, with the help of his devoted mother Judi. Life isn’t easy, but Judi’s family means everything to her and together, they manage.

Then Ben meets Amber. Everyone thinks this is a perfect match for Ben but Judi isn’t sure … there’s just something about Amber that doesn’t add up.

Ben can’t see why his mother dislikes his new girlfriend. And Amber doesn’t want Judi anywhere near her new family. Amber just wants Ben and the children.

The further Judi delves into Amber’s personal life, the closer she gets to shocking secrets that could change everything. And Judi must make a decision that could lead to the most disastrous consequences.


Wow!  The last time I read a good psychological thriller this tantalizing was when I read Shalini Boland’s The Best Friend.  Talk about an emotional roller coaster!  It was like an adrenaline rush you receive when you can see an accident about to happen, but you’re helpless to stop it.  That’s exactly how Liar felt.

I’m watching the words in my mind like a movie reel, taking in frame by frame this story that was a train wreck from the very beginning.  I love my family so much and there’s not much that I wouldn’t do for them, but one Jukes’ member takes loving a family to the damn extreme!

Judi Jukes is a doormat when it comes to the Jukes family.  Her husband, Henry, who seems to care more about his own interests than his wife’s, doesn’t pay much attention to her like he did when they were first married.  He speaks to her any ‘ole kind of way and hasn’t been intimate with Judi for about a year.  Hmm, it begs the question, if he isn’t getting his lovin’ at home, then where exactly is he getting it?  But this was a story in and of itself.

Judi’s loves of her life is her son Ben Jukes and her two adorable grandsons.  Ben suffered a devastating blow when his beautiful wife, Louise, became terminally ill and died leaving Ben to raise their two sons by himself—with the help of his mother of course.  Judy dotted on her son and grandsons and didn’t mind doing anything to keep them happy and safe.  But, what Judi hadn’t realized then, being a great mom and taking care of her son was alright for the time being; however, Ben wanted more.  He needed a woman in his life.  Someone who could satisfy his needs in a way that mama cannot. 

And wouldn’t you know it, that’s exactly what happened.  Life has a strange way of doing that, doesn’t it?  So, Amber Car walks right into Ben’s heart and his soul.  Judi wasn’t too happy about this new woman replacing her.  Ben tries to gently ease his new lady love into the Jukes family, but Judi was having none of that. 

Now, Ben finds himself being a buffer between his girlfriend and his mother.  He loves his mother dearly, his children even more and his new girlfriend.  Why couldn’t they just get along for the sake of the family?  This was the question Ben and Henry wanted to know.  Women!  Who will ever understand what makes them tick, eh?  And from this point on, the story spirals out of control with each page you turn.  OMG I loved this book!!! One of the best thrillers I’ve read in quite a hot minute! I absolutely abhorred Judi’s character.  She was weak and simple-minded and took a load of shit from her domineering husband.  But as the reader reads on, the ending is going to twist you so far around, you’ll wonder how you even arrived at that place.

What was so interesting about this story is that it starts at the end.  I was in such awe with the way Slater weaved the story and pulled the reader in. The first paragraph reminded me of The Lovely Bones.  When a story grabs you that quickly, you just can’t let go. You will witness a murder, but you’ve got to figure out who is doing the murdering and why?  It’s at that time, when the reader gets to the end of the book, things will become very clear!

I’m happy to say I discovered about midway what was going on.  I had my suspicions and wasn’t quite sure how everything tied together, but I did figure it out.  Trust me, even if you know your way around a great story, it doesn’t spoil the read at all. 

Mello & June gives Liar five truthful stars!  When I tell you to hold onto your damn seats, I’m totally for real. This was really a good book!  It was well crafted by Slater and she is truly a master of building up suspense.  If you haven’t read this or you have it on your to-read list, I highly suggest you crack that baby open and dive into the lives of the Jukes. You’re in for one hell of a bumpy ride and treat! Outstanding!!  Well done, Slater, I’m a fan!

Until next time, Intellectual Minds, Keep on Reading!

When a book makes you feel like you’re in the movie theater, that’s a damn good book!

#Book #Promo…Fear Inducer…#BookBoost #BookBuzz #Psychological #Thriller #Giveaway

Fear Inducer
by Ellie Douglas
Genre: Psychological Thriller

They believed their phobias were just nightmares… 

They believed Dr Felix Bloom would cure them.

They were…SO WRONG!

“Doctor Felix Bloom is a brilliant psychiatrist and pharmacologist who has done a lot of good for humanity. But, he has a dark side as a serial killer of some of his patients using their phobias against them. How he gets his patients to kill themselves in some bizarre fashions satiating his greed for death and mayhem you will have to discover. But, nonetheless, if you love horror, you will love Dr. Bloom’s methods and madness. Yes, he is as composed as they come, but maybe more evil than most. He’s charming, considerate with his secretary, Joanna, and his best friend, a doctor. But, beneath the elegant exterior rages the thirst for blood as a serial killer.

Without going into the gory details or the method of Dr. Bloom, his patient’s  deaths are spectacularly staged (and gory) and witnessed by the good doctor. The author does a great job telling why Dr. Bloom is a serial killer and it may make you feel some empathy for the man. But, that is a whole chapter worth exploring on your own. I was pleasantly surprised at the intricate detail of the mind of Dr. Bloom. He’s smart. Incredibly smart. The book is definitely worth your time. It has everything a chilling horror novel should have. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the author’s other book about a serial killer named Toxic Desire, which features a female serial killer. Who’s more evil? Dr. Bloom by far. Why? I won’t spoil the novel for you. Fear Inducer is more malevolent while Toxic Desire is erotically-charged. Also, look for the subtlty in Doctor Bloom over the novel. He has a  lot of secrets worth discovering. Excellent book and a welcome addition to my bookshelf.

P.S. – I forgot something. There are loads if images in the book at the front of each chapter based on the fear the patient has. Really cool visuals to put you in the mood for what you are about to read. -from Amazon reviewer Cameron Rowe

I’m Ellie Douglas, and like you, I love horror, everything about horror, the goriest and most gruesome of horrors is the ultimate. I can’t get enough. So much so that I write horror. That need to be graphic, and explicit with my horror scenes makes me stand out. I give what I want to read to others, so now they can enjoy a true horror story. 

I’m not all about just being graphic, I also build characters that the  readers will love and or hate, so they can feel pulled right inside of the story that they are reading. It gives me so much enjoyment when I hear remarks like, ‘You made me want to puke,’ ‘I have nightmares every damned night –thanks,’ and ‘Quentin Tarantino and Steven King made a baby, YOU!’ when I hear comments like that, I know then I’ve succeeded, that also pushes me into writing more and becoming even better.

I’m fun loving, generous and very mysterious. I enjoy spending time with my family, and have four children to keep the horror writing alive. I enjoy helping others and volunteer my services to help Autistic children, I love cosplay and the chance to dress up as a monster, zombie or some other gritty character is fun, oh so much fun. 

I love summer, and well…I hate winter. I live in New Zealand and feel often too far away from all the cool stuff going on in the world. I love helping people all the time. I’ve got my hands dipped in a few things, I write books, but I also make professional book covers for other authors, I also create adult coloring books and I have a gambling app that I designed on the apple store 🙂 I’ve always got a project going, be it writing or creating, that is who I am and I love it 🙂

My ultimate aim is to give back, paying it forward, to constantly better myself and give the audience amazing stories. Let me scare you…

Follow the tour HERE!

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Kylie Hillman
(Centrifuge Duet #1)
Publication date: February 27, 2017
Genres: Adult, Psychological Thriller

First, he steals her mind.
Then, he owns her body.

Dr. Jaxon Ray has bided his time. He’s watched Amber St. George from afar, plotting and calculating the best way to get her back, until he realised that the answer was simple…

Steal her mind so he can own her body. Program her to forget then reprogram her as his perfect partner. The plan is foolproof, promising everything he’s ever wanted once it’s executed. Money. Prestige. Her.

Why? Because when you don’t know that you’re missing, it’s not possible for you to be found. Especially when the only person you think you can trust, is the one who’s left you with medically-induced amnesia.

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble

“Welcome home.” My mother greets us in a singsong voice. “I trust you’re both feeling relaxed and recharged from your little break?”

Both sets of parents are waiting in the foyer of our house, apparently ready to celebrate our return from our honeymoon. I lean into Jax, close enough so that only he can hear my comment.

“Somebody’s had her Stepford pills today.”

I can feel his low laugh where it rumbles in his chest below my palm. It calms my fears about returning home. During our flight, I was worried that the connection between me and Jax would be lost. He seemed to grow more aloof the closer we got to home. Tension that hadn’t been in his hard frame during our three-week honeymoon became more noticeable by the minute. It diluted the tenderness I felt for him after such an amazing honeymoon, which made me feel guilty, so I’d spent the remainder of the flight trying to find ways to recapture it with small talk and inane observations.

“Seems someone’s missed hers,” Jax replies loud enough for our parents to hear. He takes a step to the side, putting distance between us and causing me to stumble from the unexpected loss of his body. I right myself, bright spots of embarrassment making my face burn. “I have work to do. Amber, you should rest. We have a battery of tests organised for you first thing tomorrow. It’s time to see if you’re able to live up to your end of the bargain.”

Jax strides out of the foyer in the direction of his office, my father and his falling into step with him. Left alone with our mothers, I look between them to see if they’re going to comment on how my husband just acted. They meet my perusal with deliberate blankness, although my mother does seem to be more nervous than usual.

“Is anyone going to tell me what tests he’s talking about?” Their mouths fall open at my belligerent tone. Internally, I shrug it off. They’re lucky I didn’t stomp my damn foot. I certainly want to. “No? No one?”

I give them my back, extending the handle of my biggest suitcase and tilting it so it will roll behind me. I signal the maid to bring the rest of my bags with her. Jax’s luggage can sit in the middle of the entry until the end of time, for all I can. When I reach the curved staircase, I immediately regret my show of defiance. There’s no way I’m going to be able to pull my bag up there.

“Maria.” My mother snaps her fingers at the maid. “Bring some refreshments to the lounge, then have their luggage taken to their room.”

She sniffs when Maria takes too long to move. “Come now, Amber. Tell us about your trip.”

I follow, with reluctance in each step, sitting on the loveseat closest to the window. It’s a beautiful day outside. Bright sunlight and barely a breath of wind. It’s a day that I could spend with my husband, if he wasn’t a workaholic who barely drew a breath before he dived straight back into his job.

“I think you’re mistaken as to how things will run from now on.” Jax’s mother, Elizabeth, speaks first. I run my gaze over her, taking in the perfectly coiffed hair and her straight unnaturally posture with her hands tucked between her knees. Looks like she had her Stepford pills today, as well. “My son is a very busy man. It’s your job to make his life run as effortlessly as possible. There will be no further allowances made for your delicate state.”

She stands, pacing in front of me. I assume that her “delicate state” jibe is a reference to my ongoing amnesia.

“You’ll take over the running of this house. It is not my place to do so now that he’s married. However, I am happy to provide some tips so that the transition is smooth. The same goes for Jax’s social calendar. That will require close attention so that your influence as the only St. George heir benefits my son from the outset. Once you are with child, Cynthia and I,” Elizabeth indicates my mother with her jutting chin. “will assist you so that you are able to concentrate on your most important duty—providing as many heirs as possible.”

“So, that’s what the tests are for tomorrow?” I slouch in my chair when they both incline their heads in agreement. “Well, I guess I’d better rest then. Wouldn’t want anything to get in the way of my ability to breed.”

“I feel that you would benefit from a lie down.” My sarcasm goes straight over my mother’s head. “It will improve your disposition.”

My feet are in action, removing me from this conversation before I say something I regret. I can’t take this farce, anymore. We’ve been home for less than an hour and my life is already being dictated by the expectations of “society”.

Isn’t that one of the reasons you ran away in the first place?

My stupid heel catches in the corner of the rug when that random though pops into my head. I stumble, steadying myself with a hand on the back of the settee. Balance regained, my shoulder clashes with the person currently entering the room as I restart my hasty exit.

“My apologies.” I give Seb a ghost-like smile as I pass.

He takes hold of the top of my arm to slow me, a shopping bag dangling from that same hand.

“It’s time. Be ready.”


Author Bio:

Kylie Hillman is the Australian author of the Internationally Bestselling Black Shamrocks MC series, Amazon #1 Bestselling NA/Sports novel, Brawl (Black Hearts MMA #1), and the recently completed Centrifuge Duet. She’s currently working on the highly anticipated spin-offs to the Black Shamrocks MC series, writing the rest of the Black Hearts MMA series, and plotting her upcoming psychological thriller, Blood Oath.

She’s also wife to a Harley-riding, boating and fishing, four-wheel driving, quintessential Aussie bloke and mum to two crazy, adorable, and eccentric kids. A Crohn’s Disease sufferer and awareness campaigner, as well as an avid tea drinker, metal head, and math nerd, Kylie is known for lacing everything she says with sarcasm and inappropriate innuendo.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter


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Psychological Romantic/Suspense
Date Published:  December 2016
 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Some sins cannot be forgiven. Those must be avenged.

When Aditya Chopra stumbled upon the decimated camp, she vowed to hunt down the men who killed her sister. The stench of burnt flesh and the taste of death in the air haunt her dreams and power her lust for vengeance. She will show no mercy.

The men of Savage Security served their country. They’d done their time in the sandbox and now enjoy their peaceful lives in the States, far from the death and mayhem of war. Will living in peace blind them to the dangerous threat that’s poised to strike?


About the Author

Karen Tjebben lives in central North Carolina with her wonderful husband, twin daughters, and two hamsters. When her girls left for kindergarten, Karen discovered that she needed to fill her days with something, and that was the beginning of her writing career. She loves to create worlds filled with unique characters that she hopes will delight and raise goose bumps on her readers. In her free time, she enjoys traveling with her husband and seeing the world through her daughters’ eyes.

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#Book #Blitz…Guy’s Odyssey…#BookBoost #Psychological #Military #Thriller

Psychological Military Thriller
Date Published:  June 23, 2017
 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png
It’s just another day in Iraq for Guy, a young American soldier. But when he suffers a head wound in a car bomb attack in Baghdad his real journey begins. 
As the blast sends him on a deadly odyssey through the very fabric of time, he finds the beautiful yet mysterious disappearing sand. But Guy quickly realizes things aren’t what they seem and he may be witnessing his own destruction. With the reality warp tearing him apart, he has only his fading mind and a mysterious journal to help him solve the puzzle before time runs out.
His desperate search for an answer leads him to a single moment where everything hangs in the balance. Does this mysterious journal hold the clues to his salvation, or is it the ramblings of a madman? Can he figure out the mystery and save himself, or is the end of his odyssey written before his journey even begins?

Chapter 2

The Beginning of the End

June 1, 2006

Baghdad, Iraq

I leave the Humvee running and step out into the hot street. The intense sun beats down on the back of my neck. Even with sunglasses on it seems obnoxiously bright. Fucking Iraq. Miserably hot, and here we are in the middle of the damn day, out in the worst of it.

 My M-16A2 rifle feels like an old, familiar lover in my hands. The strangest sense of déjà vu washes over me. “Weird,” I mumble to myself, prying my eyes off of my rifle.

I quickly scan the traffic circle, soaking in all of the details. There is no traffic coming through; there’s a Humvee at each intersection, blocking off everything. No way in, no way out.

 I glance up to Mike in the turret, manning the .50 caliber machine gun. I have known him for as long as I can remember. Mike was my next-door neighbor when we were kids. His mom used to babysit me while mine went to work, and she’d make us peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and then send us right back out to play. She always kept strawberry jam on hand because she knew it was my favorite. Hell, she was practically a second mother to me.

He is my best friend. He is more than that— he is my brother.

Mike’s back is to me as he watches the Iraqis, making sure none of them try to get into our perimeter. A horn honks and a driver gestures impatiently at the intersection. Mike quickly swivels his machine gun toward the car, silencing both the horn and the driver. I smile. We survived basic training together, then jump school in the stifling Fort Benning heat. We somehow got lucky enough to be stationed together. A sympathetic first sergeant then assigned us to the same squad.

I wipe the sweat from my brow. It is instantly replaced as the hot sun beats down on me. One bead of sweat forms on the scar on my hairline and runs down my face, following my jawline down to my chin, where it hangs on stubbornly.

I reach up and wipe the sweat from the scar under my helmet, and shiver. My mind drifts for a split second to Mike. I close my eyes and swallow back the lump rising in my throat.

Another small shiver runs down my spine despite the heat. I have that feeling you get when you know someone is right behind you and then you turn around and no one is there. When I turn around, I see a car parked on the high overpass we usually cross.

My heart starts to beat a little faster and my palms start to sweat more than usual in this awful heat. “I don’t like that fucking car,” I say.

“What?” Mike yells over his shoulder without taking his eyes off of the cars impatiently waiting for us to allow them through.

“I said I don’t like that fucking car over there.” This time I point at it with my left hand and hold my rifle tightly in my right. “I mean, I have never seen a car parked on that bridge. We almost always cross that bridge. That would leave us nowhere to go but right next to it,” I yell with a frown. “Doesn’t that seem weird?”

“Yeah, it is weird,” Mike agrees with a shrug.

I glance up at Mike for a moment, just a split second and then back to the car.

“I’m telling you I have a really bad feeling—” The car explodes with a deafening roar, shattering the peaceful silence of the afternoon.

The blast lifts me off of my feet and throws me backward into the Humvee. My head slams hard into the door behind me, my helmet bouncing off with a thud. The world spins for a moment and goes dark.

About the Author

Seth Bleuer is an author and veteran who served combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He currently lives near Seattle, Washington with his wife and kids, by way of the Midwest. When he’s not reading or writing he can be found playing in the mud at obstacle races with his wife, Amanda. To see what Seth is up to check out his very originally named website https://sethbleuer.wordpress.com/or find him on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SethBleuerAuthor/

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Reading Addiction Blog Tours

#Author #Interview…Featuring William L. Myers, Jr….#BookBoost #SundayMorning #Legal #Thriller #Novel @billmyersbooks

Good Sunday Morning Fans and Followers!  Oh wow, do we have a great interview to share with you today!  Amazon Kindle Select sent me my week’s worth of new releases a couple weeks ago, and right away A Criminal Defense came straight into my line of view.  Anyone who knows my reading style, which many of you do, knows how much I love a great legal novel.  OMG, I absolutely live to read a really good and juicy legal novel and I must say, if you haven’t had a chance to read our guest’s debut novel, you have GOT to add it to your eReaders!  This was an outstanding read on so many levels.  In case you missed my book review, please feel free to check it out: https://mellojune.com/book-review-a-criminal-defense-bookboost-promo-legal-thriller-suspense/ 

I was so thrilled when William agreed to do our interview.  It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to Author William L. Myers, Jr., Esq.  He’s an attorney by day and a serious get-down-to-it author by night.  I must say, he’s truly missed his calling, or perhaps not–seeing as how he’s doing both so well.  I cannot wait to read his second novel. So, without further ado, grab your favorite drink, have your eReaders handy, and sit back and enjoy our special guest.  

A Conversation with William L. Myers, Jr.

You must be very proud of your debut novel, A Criminal Defense. It was well written and appears to have been well thought out.  So tell us, how did A Criminal Defense come to be?

I’ve always loved to read and hoped that one day I would sit down and write the great American novel. I was never convinced, though, that I had the talent to write story, which is very different from the technical legal writing that goes into briefs. Then, one day a few years ago, it hit me that story is what trying a case is all about. If you think about, it, a trial is two “authors” (the lawyers) using the same characters and the same set of facts to tell competing stories. The best trial attorneys are the ones who tell their clients’ stories in a way that conveys what all the evidence means, what it stands for, the attorneys who can mold their stories in ways that not only tell the truth, but reveal core truths. And that’s what the best writers do as well.

So when I sat down to write A Criminal Defense, I didn’t want to create a thin legal procedural, but to tell a story populated by deeply conflicted characters; real characters with real weaknesses suffering real pain. As for the driver of that pain, I chose abandonment and the need to reconnect. I also chose crushing guilt, betrayal and, for fun, ambition and sprinkling of lust.

Then I rolled up my shirt sleeves, and wrote. For two years, I wrote and revised and revised again. And while doing so, I read books about writing, and about how to craft a story. It was a huge learning process for me. Very hard, and, because it was so difficult, deeply satisfying.

When it was finished, I was lucky that a friend knew Ed Stackler, my editor, who did a masterful job as both a developmental editor and line editor. When he was finished, Ed introduced me to my agent, Cynthia Manson, who got the manuscript in front of Gracie Doyle at Thomas and Mercer, who accepted the book.

The character, Mick McFarland, had so many ‘trials’ (pardon the pun) and tribulations to deal with. Because he appeared so real, I’m wondering, was Mick based off of a person in real life?

As a person, Mick is not based on any one I know; I wouldn’t wish Mick’s ordeal on anyone, and I also wouldn’t wish the pre-redemption Mick on any family I know. As a lawyer, and plotter and schemer, Mick is drawn from some of the brightest, and darkest, stars in my profession–let’s leave it at that. 

And while we’re on the subject of characters, how much of ‘yourself’ went into this book, besides the legal angle?

From the legal angle, I drew from my experience in the courtroom. Trying a case is like juggling bowling ball pins on a roller coaster You’re up one minute, down the next. The morning witnesses may have the jury in tears for your client, while the afternoon witnesses have the jurors shooting daggers at you and your client both. You can start down a line of questioning thinking its brilliant only to have it blow up in your face, and the other side can present a witness you think will destroy you but who turns out making the case. And through it all, your mind is spinning a thousand miles an hour, trying to see around the next curve, trying to anticipate your opponent’s moves, all the while knowing that just because you’re client is in the right doesn’t mean he’s going to win. In my courtroom scenes, I tried to capture both the hubris and sense of imminent peril that rushes through a trial attorney’s mind as he’s trying a case.

How long have you been a practicing attorney?

I graduated from Penn Law in 1983, so that makes it 34 years. Ouch – that makes me feel old.

What type of law do you practice?

I handle almost all types of personal injury cases, with a special focus on representing injured railroad workers. These men and women work very hard and are subjected to very real dangers, which is understandable given the size of the machinery they work with (trains!). I’ve represented men and women who’ve suffered catastrophic injuries, and the families of some who’ve perished. The responsibility of representing someone who has lost the ability to work, or the spouse of someone who has died tragically, can be crushing at times. But it’s worth it because I know I’m doing really important work for very good people. 

What, if at all, did you find most difficult when writing A Criminal Defense?

Paring it down. Once I started writing, I found I had so much information I wanted to share about the characters (to make them real to the readers, make them three-dimensional), so many things I wanted them to share with each other (to make them real for each other), that the scenes became too involved. With Ed’s help, I learned to cut, first with a butcher’s knife, then with a scalpel. Cutting material I felt passionately about was hard for me, but learning to do so to make the story better was probably the most important thing I learned.

I must admit the one character that sort of threw me off was Piper McFarland. At first, I felt like she was some sort of space cadet just going through the motions of being married, but you quickly had me re-examine my feelings for her when you gave intricate background information regarding Piper’s and Mick’s relationship.  The more I read about her, the more I noticed how fragile she actually was.  You handled Piper’s character with finesse.  Did you find it at all difficult to write her character?

I had a hard time with Piper, because my own wife is such a strong person. Where Piper seems to be someone who is acted upon, my wife a woman who takes charge of her own destiny. So, I had to conjure Piper up pretty much from the ether. The challenge was to create her in such a way that she wasn’t a two-dimensional stereotype, but a complex and deeply-feeling person who took the wrong road because she was wounded and hurting.

The character I felt the most connected to, which, oddly enough surprised me, was Tommy McFarland, Mick’s younger brother. His character had so much depth and realism to him.  At times, I felt like you were going in one direction with his character, but you managed to have Tommy grow as the story matured.  Without giving any “spoilers” to our readers, why do you feel Tommy’s story was important to tell?

I’m glad you asked about Tommy. He’s perhaps my favorite character in the book, and one of the hardest to draw. We first see Tommy as a hard case with a criminal record. But as we peel his story like an onion, we find the noble young man he started out as, and, finally, learn the source of the crushing guilt that moved him to all but destroy his own life.

Tommy is important to the story first because he is a deeply drawn and (hopefully) satisfying character. But Tommy is also critical to the story of Mick, because it was Mick’s own failings as a brother that caused Tommy to do what he did. Mick, in large part, broke his brother, and Mick’s redemption requires that he and Tommy face what happened and that Mick stand by Tommy to ensure he doesn’t repeat his tragic act.

If you’re like most attorneys I know, they very rarely relax. In fact, when going on vacation, they take their entire office with them in their tablets, laptops and cell phones.  So, I’m wondering, Bill, how do you juggle practicing law and writing novels?

It’s not easy, but what I’ve actually found is that the writing and lawyering feed off of each other. Sometimes, when I’m stuck at work with a legal problem, I’ll taken an hour to write, and what happens is that while I’m working on the novel, my unconscious mind is busy figuring out the legal issue. Conversely, when stuck on a novel, I’ve switched gears to work on a case I’m handling and when I’m grinding away, a light bulb will go off over my head and the plot-problem or dialogue difficulty will have resolved itself.  

What would be one thing most people would find surprising about you?

That, at home, I’m pretty laid back. I’m so intense and focused at work that I don’t think my staff would recognize me in a social setting. It might also be surprising to some that, although I’m an attorney, I’m a terrible golfer. Probably one of the worst in the world.

Who are your favorite authors?

My two favorite authors are Elmore Leonard and Dennis Lehane. Leonard’s honest dialogue and crusty, low-life characters are the best. Lehane is great at making my heart ache for some of his characters. I also enjoy Cormac McCarthy—the starkness, and violence of some of his works. And Carl Hiaasen, who has a real knack for painting “shit weasels.”

Where do you call home?

I live on the Main Line, west of Philadelphia.

What can we expect from William L. Myers, Jr. in the future?

I have a second novel set for publication in January of 2018, and I’m presently working on a third. The second book I’ve crafted to be a racing train. My hope is to sweep readers up and carry them fast to the end. The third book is all about the dialogue.


William L. Myers Jr. is a Philadelphia lawyer with thirty years of trial experience in state and federal courts up and down the East Coast. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Law, he has argued before the United States Supreme Court and still actively practices law. 

Mr. Myers was born into a proud, working-class family and now lives with his wife, Lisa, in the western suburbs of Philadelphia.

Bill’s Social Horizon


Twitter:  https://twitter.com/billmyersbooks

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/billmyersbooks

Amazon:  https://www.amazon.com/William-L.-Myers-Jr./e/B01M8KIIL6/ref=dp_byline_cont_book_1

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, as you can see from above, Bill takes his life’s work serious and his writing just as serious!  I’m telling you A Criminal Defense blew me away.  I’ve worked in law for almost thirty years and have come across various attorneys’ personalities.  Most of the time they are very serious and extremely busy people with law on the mind, but it was so nice for Bill to take time out of his crazy schedule to sit and chat with us.  He has a sense of humor and although I know there are many attorney jokes abound, he doesn’t take himself too seriously, and that’s refreshing. This is one attorney I really like (chuckle!!!!!).  

Mello & June would like to thank Author William L. Myers, Jr. for speaking with us and for writing such a great book.  Legal novels like this caliber don’t come often, so when one does, you have to shout it from the rooftops!  My readers know when I love a book I let the entire world know about it, and it’s our hope that you, too, take joy in reading A Criminal Defense and become a fan as we have. I am positive Bill will not have a problem rising in the legal literary game. In fact, he’s definitely a game changer!  Make sure you give his book a try!  I can’t wait until Jan. 2018!

Please make sure you connect with him socially using the links above. As always, Intellectual Minds, Keep on Reading!  With writers like Myers, it’s easy to do!  Best of luck to you Bill, and thanks!

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The Empty Room
by Sarah J Clemens
Genre: Psychological Suspense, Thriller, Mystery

Rain soaked and dreary, it was a 1901 abandoned Victorian that newlyweds Dean and Elizabeth Montgomery hoped would fulfill their dreams of a new start in life, even if the town of Eastbrook, Maine was nestled under a constant blanket of fog.

The first neighbor the couple meets dashes those hopes when he raises a bizarre question: what happened to the last person who lived in their house? A cryptic question, but nothing to worry about. At least not until the couple looked under the floorboards inside the house.

Under mounting pressure from the residents of Eastbrook to stop questioning the past, Dean and Elizabeth are driven deeper into the history of the house, the town, and their neighbors. When the couple discovers what happened in Eastbrook, keeping the secret could save their lives, but uncovering the truth might be worth the risk.

What happened inside The Empty Room is a mystery until the last page. A gripping psychological suspense, the story takes readers on a cat-and-mouse game where some secrets are better off hidden.


Sarah J. Clemens is the author of the debut mystery novel, The Empty Room. She started writing The Empty Room in 2008 and formed her own imprint in 2016 called Off the Page Publishing.

She started out her professional career working as a news assistant for her local newspaper before finding a passion for the law and pursued an education in criminal justice. In addition to writing fiction, she is also a legal assistant with an Associate of Arts and a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with an emphasis in Human Services.

Sarah was born in California and now lives and works in Boise, Idaho. She has the same sarcastic sense of humor as the characters in her books, and she has an unparalleled love for animals.


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#Book #Review…The Best Friend…#Psychological #Thriller

Toxic school mums, money worries, paranoia, and murder… The Best Friend is a chilling psychological thriller from the Bestselling Author of The Girl from the Sea.

They say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer … Wrong.

Louisa’s new best friend has it all – the house, the status, the money. But she’s also hiding a dark secret. And as Louisa is drawn deeper into her friend’s life, events take a chilling turn . . .

“Sit on the edge of your seat and prepare for the ride!”

It’s always a nice feeling when you meet a new person.  The discovery of each other’s personalities, likes and dislikes makes for an interesting conversation. So, was it any wonder when Louisa met Darcy, they hit it off right away?

Louisa’s son was attending a new school and she was the new mom on the scene and she felt a little out of place because these moms were all glitz and glam and Louisa was sort of plain and ordinary.  It didn’t matter, Darcy took notice of Louisa immediately and brought her into the fold of the clique-ish mothers. 

Darcy was a beautiful woman with wits and charm to compliment her personality.  Louisa couldn’t believe her luck to have a friend like her.  Darcy’s husband was wealthy and they lived a very extravagant lifestyle.  Louisa’s husband had plans to leave his ad job and start his own firm and, as luck would have it, Darcy’s hubby offered to help by leasing his new office space to them for the first year rent-free.  Hmm, that’s mighty generous of the new couple whom they really didn’t know.  Why would someone just offer to do this? 

Darcy and Louisa’s children got along great at school and began having sleepovers at Darcy’s home.  Louisa was skeptical of Darcy’s generosity, but Darcy put her mind at ease by telling her she was happy to do it.  As the two women became fast friends, Louisa’s son passed out his birthday invitations and of course wanted Tyler, Darcy’s son, and all their friends to come to his party.  This is when the ladies discovered their sons shared the same birthday.  Wow, talk about coincidences?  Is there anything these women didn’t have in common?

The ever-friendly Darcy came up with the bright idea to have a shared birthday party since their sons shared the same friends at school.  Louisa, once again, wasn’t sure about this because she wanted a simple party and nothing over the top.  Darcy wouldn’t dream of the boys not sharing their party together.  So reluctantly Louisa gave in.  When Louisa gets to the party, that’s when she began to truly question Darcy’s sincerity in their friendship. 

Strange occurrences begin to happen giving Louisa cause for concern.  As you follow the story of Darcy and Louisa, a very sinister plot unfolds. I must say, Louisa angered me because she appeared to be too trusting for my tastes and a bit naive and somewhat gullible.  There were so many things my gut was telling me as I read and I kept wondering why Louisa wasn’t noticing the clues?  I guess there are people in the world who really are that trusting.

This book had me on the edge of my damn seat, just as the blurb about the book expresses.  I kept wondering what was Darcy’s angle and why would someone be that nice?  Or better yet, is anyone that kind and sweet?  Once I began to invest in the relationship between the women, I knew I was on the right track from the very beginning.  Boland knows how to bring the excitement and get your heart rate up!  She takes your mind and twists it in a thousand different directions.  Since I became a fan of hers from her novel The Girl from the Sea, I knew I better get prepared for the unexpected.  Just when you think Boland is taking you in one direction, she takes you in a completely different one.

Mello & June gives The Best Friend five friendly stars!  This was such an intense read.  I felt like I was having a workout while reading.  What a great form of exercise and exertion.  Make sure you pick up a copy and/or download.  You will not be disappointed.

#Book #Review…The Girl from the Sea…#Psychological #Thriller #Suspense

For fans of Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train

A chilling suspense story of wounded hearts and dark secrets.

Washed up on the beach, she can’t remember who she is. She can’t even remember her name. Turns out, she has an idyllic life – friends and family eager to fill in the blanks.

But why are they lying to her? What don’t they want her to remember?

When you don’t even know who you are, how do you know who to trust?




This is one of those books where, at first glance, you’re thinking this is about a four star good read and then you get to the ending, and POW, it punches it up a notch!  This is most definitely a five star read.  I wasn’t a fan of Gone Girl because I absolutely abhorred the ending.  However, there’s something to be said for the element of surprise.  And what a damn surprise it was indeed!

A woman is lying on a sandy beach with the sun beaming down on her, head aching like a mother, throat more than parched and her body felt like it weighed a ton.  When she tried to speak, words wouldn’t come out.  A few passersby walked over to aid the young woman who looked so out of place lying on the beach.  When the paramedics arrived, they immediately rushed her to the hospital.  This woman had no idea who she was, how she ended up on the beach, let alone how she survived in the sea.  But, as baffling as that was to her and the hospital staff, here she was living and breathing.  The doctors wanted to make sure she didn’t have any infection in her lungs from swallowing so much salt water.  What was even more troubling, she had no idea as to who she was, what she was and where she belonged.

Essentially, this Jane Doe had to begin life again.  When thinking about that, it’s actually kind of cool having a fresh start not knowing who you were before your memory loss.  As it turned out, she had a rare case of amnesia brought on by trauma.  Hmm, the very thought of not knowing who she was scared her half to death.  The police were brought in to investigate her case.  Of course, the police had a million questions, none of which our mystery woman could answer.  Why not just let her rest and see if her memory would come back gradually?  So, while she lay waiting in her hospital bed, the police conducted an extensive search to find the mystery lady’s identity.

Eventually, a handsome twenty-something comes forward and says the woman they have in custody is his girlfriend, Mia James.  And that, readers, is where all the fun begins.  Mia James was not only a mystery to the onlookers on the beach, but she was a stranger to herself.  When she looked in the mirror, it was as if she were looking at someone else.  How weird that must have been for her.  And factor in this boyfriend she knows nothing about?  He’s trying to be loving toward her, but she’s afraid because he isn’t familiar to her.  As you embark on the memory loss journey of Mia, the reader will feel all the frustration she feels and more.  When you finally get to the end, most of you will be thinking the end is going to be one way, and you will get the shock of your life near the end.  OMG!  I absolutely loved this book.  Wowwww!

Mello & June, gives The Girl from the Sea five huge stars spanning the sea and more!  Umm, that ending I couldn’t get enough of.  Boland really grabs your attention and makes you stay there until the end.  What an outstanding read!  I loved this book tremendously!  If you haven’t read it yet, I’d highly recommend starting.  It’s not that long and you will be just as surprised by the ending too.  Well, well done, Boland.  I’m a fan!

#Book #Review…All These Perfect Strangers…#BookBoost #Psychological #Suspense

[edsanimate_start entry_animation_type= “rubberBand” entry_delay= “0” entry_duration= “2” entry_timing= “linear” exit_animation_type= “” exit_delay= “” exit_duration= “” exit_timing= “” animation_repeat= “infinite” keep= “yes” animate_on= “load” scroll_offset= “” custom_css_class= “”]WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT?[edsanimate_end]

You don’t have to believe in ghosts for the dead to haunt you.

You don’t have to be a murderer to be guilty.

Within six months of Pen Sheppard starting university, three of her new friends are dead. Only Pen knows the reason why.

College life had seemed like a wonderland of sex, drugs and maybe even love. The perfect place to run away from your past and reinvent yourself. But Pen never can run far enough and when friendships are betrayed, her secrets are revealed. The consequences are deadly.

‘This is about three deaths. Actually more, if you go back far enough. I say deaths, but perhaps all of them were murders. It’s a grey area. Murder, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. So let’s just call them deaths and say I was involved. This story could be told a hundred different ways.’

‘This is a novel of disquieting intimacy and controlled suspense, Aoife Clifford deftly tightening the screws until we share the narrator’s sense of emotional and physical confinement and the unremitting grip of the past.’ – Garry Disher, author of Bitter Wash Road

This novel had so many twists and turns, it was hard to walk in a straight line with this one!  Just when you thought you were figuring out what was really going on, the reader was left scratching one’s head.  Penelope Sheppard, known by her family and friends as Pen was starting anew or rather, was given an incredible opportunity to start over at University with a full-ride scholarship.  At first glance, nothing appears to be out of the ordinary with Pen, but strange occurrences continually happen when she’s around.  Hmm, was this a mere coincidence, or deliberate?

When Pen was a teen, she and her bestie got into a little bit of trouble, which seems trouble is something that follows Pen throughout her life.  Leaving behind old ghosts and shattered memories, she expected her college life would be different.  While she’s sorting out the turmoil that keeps happening around her, she sees a psychiatrist to help her sort through her feelings, and that’s where the real story begins.  One, two, three college friends end up dead. There’s a crazy student known as “Screwdriver Man” wielding his screwdriver and slashing up students.  On the other hand, someone from University knows Pen’s secret and is threatening to put it out there for the whole campus to see and judge.  Most of the student body liked Pen, but would they if they knew what she was really hiding?  And then again, what exactly is Pen hiding from her friends?

As the reader winds through this labyrinth of plots and twists, where the reader ends up is quite shocking.  If you think you’ve figured the story out, Clifford throws another red herring at you, and you’re left again wondering what path should I really be on.  This was an incredible story.  I absolutely enjoyed how Clifford toys with the reader’s emotions and mind, and pushes and pulls you in a thousand different directions.  I must say, she did an amazing job at this because I was close to what I thought was happening in the story, but boy, that ending threw me for a big loop!  The author gives great detail which paints a very distinct portrait of a young woman with a lot to hide and a lot to reveal.  Not sure what I mean by that, you must read the book to see the full picture so vividly.  What a great read.  I really liked this book. 

Mello & June, It’s a Book Thang! gives All These Perfect Strangers four stars.  Clifford writes with such rich words leaving the reader in awe and excitement ready to dig further into the pages to find out what more lays ahead.  Awesome read and one I think you’ll enjoy.  Make sure you grab a copy, add to your reading lists or download immediately and get to reading.  You will not be sorry.  Enjoy!  Happy Reading, Intellectual Minds!

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