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It’s Memorial Day weekend and after the barbeque smoke has cleared, the stomach is full, family and friends have returned to their own quarters of the world—where does that leave you? Hopefully with a damn good book and some much needed ‘me’ time! Check out Mello & June’s book selections to satisfy every reader’s favorite genres and interests! These books can be found wherever books are sold (don’t forget Black Expressions and Double Day Book Club) and also may be downloaded on your Kindles and Nooks from Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble. So sit back and get your read on! It’s time to celebrate! Enjoy!

JaQuavis Coleman, half of the Ashley & JaQuavis power-combo, serves up Dopeman: Memoirs of a Snitch, the third book in his bestselling Dopeman Trilogy. It’s a hustler’s love story at its absolute best!

The DEA has launched an intricate plot to bring down the drug kings, and at the top of the target list is Seven Smith—the biggest, baddest drug lord the Midwest has ever known. Seven has found a promising new protégé in up-and-comer Braylon “Ball” Kennedy, who’s already impressed Seven with his hood-smart hustling and cold-blooded way with a gun. But Seven needs to watch his back: Ball’s determined to become the most notorious snitch of all time by ratting Seven out to the DEA.

But it’s not going to be that easy. He’s made the mistake of falling in love with Seven’s trusted lieutenant, Lola Banks. She’s as lethal a thug as he is—and she’s firmly off-limits. But she can’t deny their attraction, and a fiery fling soon sparks. Now the big haul is about to go down, and the feds are closing in. Ball finds himself caught between his passion for Lola and his plan to deep-six Seven and his operation. As the lies, the double-crosses, and the body count add up, who will survive the deadly endgame?


If anyone knows about surviving hard times, it’s Pastor Riva Tims. The ex-wife of the late Zachery Tims had to deal with infidelity, financial ruin and worse. Her position as First Lady of a successful ministry did not shield her from life’s trials. Yet she prevailed, with God’s help. No one gets through life without pain, whether it’s losing someone near and dear to us, or losing our home, or going through a traumatic divorce. But when we experience heartbreak or betrayal, we can learn to withstand the pain, find forgiveness, and let God rebuild our hearts and lives so they’re stronger than ever. Pastor Tims has been there, she’s done that, and her effective strategies will help you change yourself from victim to victor.


From charming her church choir at the age of 12, to knocking a hometown Detroit crowd off their feet at her triumphant 2011 comeback concert, Aretha Franklin’s royal R&B reign has glittered like the gold and platinum records on her walls. Aretha’s personal life, however, has not always shone as brightly: Health issues, alcoholism, an abusive first husband, and family tragedy have sometimes thrown a shadow over Franklin’s luminous voice and million-watt charisma. This biography celebrates the singer’s success story, without glossing over the pain. Interviews with such legends as Clive Davis, Martha Reeves, Freda Payne, producer Jerry Wexler and Aretha herself, reveal the secrets that the soul queen’s fans have clamored to know.


The original Dreamgirl hasn’t led a charmed life since her breakout Broadway success, but the Tony Award-winning actress has taken on her tribulations with courage, wit and strength. True to form, her book is much more than a gossip-fest. Yes, she shares the secrets behind her struggles with fame—from her notorious catfight with Diana Ross, to her rumored feud with Jennifer Holliday, to her controversial exit from the No. 1-rated TV sitcom Moesha. But she’s put her experiences to good use by creating this hip, modern guide to living. Whether the topic is looking like a knockout, finding love, or bringing home the bling, Sheryl Lee has the 411. Follow her advice and strut proudly into the spotlight as the Diva you were meant to be.



One year until Ada’s 25th college reunion. One year to drop the 100 pounds she’s put on since college. Ada’s a happily married woman with a preacher husband, two grown kids, and a rewarding, but demanding, day-care career. But she’s still human, and she wants to knock her old college sweetheart’s socks off. So Ada comes up with a set of rules for an “Imperfect, but Excellent, Health and Beauty Revival” tailored to her unique DNA. The next 52 weeks find her walking 30 minutes a day, self-medicating with art instead of food, taking one bite of those decadent desserts, and following 50 more simple rules. Because taking the weight off and treating herself right is not just good for Ada’s health and looks…it might just save her marriage.
High-powered NYC publicist Erica Shaw is running herself ragged working to keep her long-distance relationship hot and heavy. Every Friday night Erica dashes off to DC, where her sexy jazzman boo, Warren Prince, plays the trumpet with such seductive soul it just melts her to the floor. Erica knows what she’s got and she’s determined to keep it, but her dysfunctional family and her fierce focus on career success keep her tied down in the Big Apple. Before long, those weekly jaunts aren’t weekly any more, and Warren starts playing sour notes. Tempers flare and temptation draws the couple apart. As this fast-paced, sexy 21st-century love story takes flight, will their love be crushed under the weight of all their baggage?
Some people seem to make enemies every time they draw a breath. Raven “Red” Gomez is one of them. Her dirty deeds in Detroit seem to have paid off, and Red thinks she’s on top of the world. She’s got a bestselling book on the shelves, she’s making big bucks as an Arizona home broker, and all her old nemeses lie dead or defeated—including Detective Thomas, who almost put her away. But this schemer is a dreamer if she thinks she’s outrun trouble. Now a whole new slew of foes is on her trail…and so is Q, the man Red still loves, the only man who’s as low down and dirty as she is. Even though she left him for dead, he can’t get her out of his heart. Now, as Det. Thomas closes in, Arizona is about to find out just how dirty Red can get!
Atlanta Hawks center Etan Thomas is one of the NBA’s most respected players, and he knows firsthand what it’s like to grow up with an absent father. So being there for his kids is more important to him than anything that happens on the court. Now, he distills what he’s learned as a leader of President Obama’s Fatherhood Initiative into an insightful and endlessly inspiring book. In addition to Thomas’s own thoughts on fatherhood (and, yes, just “being there” is priority #1), you’ll find brand new essays by Isaiah Washington, Taye Diggs, Ice Cube, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Chuck D, Malcolm Jamal Warner, Roland Martin and many others, plus a deeply personal foreword by Tony Dungy. It’s a treasure trove of info about how to “get game” as a dad!
Catherine Ling from Chasing the Night returns in Iris Johansen’s explosive thriller, What Doesn’t Kill You.

Abandoned on the streets of Hong Kong at age four, Catherine was schooled in the art of survival, especially during her teenage years when she came under the tutelage of Hu Chang—a skilled assassin and master poisoner. Now her old “friend” has resurfaced. But this time Catherine is playing for another team. As one of the CIA’s top operatives she’s joined the chase for Hu Chang’s most deadly elixir yet. And her biggest opponent, rogue operative John Gallo, makes the hunt far more dangerous as, from the corridors of Langley to the alleyways of Hong Kong, Catherine enters the human soul’s darkest places to protect those she loves.

Though she may have been defined in the public eye by her high-profile marriages, it was in the mid years of her life that one of America’s most cherished icons dared to live her dream. Author Tina Cassidy focuses on one remarkable year, 1975, that encompassed a trying time for Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis: her marriage was crumbling, her husband’s health on a rapid decline. But with “Talk of the Town,” an article she wrote for The New Yorker, the former First Lady found her voice.

Her high-profile campaign to save Grand Central Station, a New York City landmark, was just the beginning of a year of great activity and change. The death of Aristotle Onassis and the public speculation about his enormous estate only exacerbated her tumultuous relationship with his daughter, Christina. And then there was her burgeoning career in publishing. From a brief stint as an intern at Vogue years before, to the start of her romance with Maurice Templesman, the man who would be with her longer than either of her husbands, Jackie After O is a remarkable read. Filled with special photos and intimate stories, many about her children, it presents a unique insight into a woman admired and beloved the world over.

In Capitol Murder, third in Phillip Margolin’s Washington Trilogy, the New York Times bestselling author delivers another high-octane thrill ride featuring P.I. Dana Cutler and lawyer Brad Miller. The fan-favorite pair has brought justice to more than a few powerful enemies, including a sitting president involved in murder, and rogue CIA agents seeking to compromise the Supreme Court. What brings them together now is chatter that a brazen group of terrorists is plotting to blow up a football stadium. As if that isn’t bad enough, Cutler and Miller find out that Clarence Little, the depraved serial killer they helped convict, has escaped from his prison cell on death row. And Clarence Little isn’t the type to forgive or forget….
James Patterson’s hilarious follow-up to Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life, finds Rafe Khatchadorian deliriously happy to be in 7th grade. He’s certain it will be a breeze since, having been accepted to art school in the big city, he no longer has to worry about math or history. Wrong! The competition is more intense than ever, unless Rafe can transform his boring existence into the inspiration for a spectacular work of art. Thus begins Operation: Get a Life as Rafe does things he’s never done before—like visiting a museum. But things go awry when his mission uncovers secrets about the family Rafe’s never known….

With over 100 illustrations, Middle School: Get Me Out of Here! is a romp both unforgettable and heartwarming.

In this stunning novel, Eileen Goudge gives voice to an issue that quietly beats at the heart of every marriage. The story begins when Camille Harte suffers devastating news: she has less than one year to live. Worried that her handsome spouse, Edward, a successful doctor, will be lost without a mate, Camille decides to find him a new one. As a noted matchmaker with a wealthy clientele, she’s got the perfect opportunity. At first Edward is appalled and resistant. But at Camille’s urging he attends one of her “meet and greets” where she has already chosen the woman to take her place.

The Replacement Wife heads to a conclusion both riveting and shocking as Camille learns—the hard way—what it means to be careful what you wish for.…

Cole is successful beyond his dreams. He can have any woman he wants, but there’s only one he can’t stop thinking about. His childhood sweetheart, Ren.

Ten years later, in Maya Banks’ erotically charged Sweet Addiction, Cole has found Ren again, and discovered that she has grown into a beautiful woman who’s at ease with her sexuality…and unapologetic about her need for a dominant man. Alas, to Cole’s dismay, she belongs to another. But all isn’t lost: Ren’s current master will allow him two weeks with her, but then she must return to his keeping. Now, with the days counting down, Ren and Cole will shatter taboos, fulfill their every fantasy, and reawaken a love that never truly died. But what happens when it’s time for her to leave?

New York Times bestselling author Jodi Picoult captivates readers in this riveting tale of a brother and sister faced with a decision that will forever alter their relationship…and their lives.

Few know better than 24-year-old Edward Warren the loneliness of a prodigal son. After an irreparable fight with his father six years ago, Edward sought sanctuary in Thailand, and has remained there since. But a frantic phone call suddenly destroys all hope of reconciliation: a terrible accident has injured his sister Cara and left his father in a coma.

Despite the knowledge that her dad’s chances for recovery are minimal, a recovering Cara is determined to wait for a miracle. Edward is all for terminating life support and donating his father’s organs. Is he motivated by altruism or revenge? And to what lengths will Cara go to stop her brother from making an irrevocable decision?

Lone Wolf explores the notions of family and the love, protection and strength it’s meant to offer. But what if the hope that should sustain it is the very thing that pulls it apart? This latest tour de force from Jodi Picoult examines the wild and lonely terrain upon which love can battle reason.

It’s bad enough that Sookie Stackhouse arrives late at a party in honor of the vampire king of Louisiana. But to walk in on her ex-lover Eric feasting on a strange woman…well, that just sucks. No matter that his victim was doped up on a substance no vamp can resist. No matter that Sookie has been forced to accept Eric’s alliance with a vampire queen—she is furious!

The party is just about over for Sookie, but it’s only getting started. Later that night, someone turns up murdered outside the house. With the cops milling around grilling everybody—and her pregnant friend Tara just about to pop—now is not the right time to deal with her feelings for Eric.

It’s a perfect storm of trouble, and Sookie’s smack in the middle of it. Her boss Sam’s werewolf girlfriend, Jannalyn, makes it clear Sookie isn’t one of her favorite people. And while an instigator stirs up trouble among vamps, weres and fae, someone is desperate to steal Sookie’s treasured cluviel dor. Beset by trickery, betrayal and danger, Sookie must start to face a devastating truth she has long denied.

Deadlocked, Charlaine Harris’ penultimate Southern Vampire novel, is a story that will leave you breathless for the final book to come!

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