‘Tis The Season to be. . .

Nuts!!!  I’ve always been a person who stays up on the latest world events, but as of late, I have had to stop reading reports and I sensor myself from the local news.  Why, you ask?  Because each and every day I turn on my television, all I ever hear is negative news stories that completely boggle my mind.

Case in point, the story of the 55-year old man at Wal-Mart who cold cocked a 72-year old Wal-Mart greeter in his face for apparently NO REASON at all.  Just when I think I’ve heard and see it all, at the age of only 41, people almost always prove me wrong!  What the hell has happened to humankind?

This man lays in the hospital with a broken jaw along with broken dentures that were cracked to millions of pieces.  Even as a writer, I can’t keep up with the crazy things that humans do to one another.  I watched this man just punch this older man in the face for nothing.  What in this world would possess a human being to do this to another?

And if that weren’t enough, a woman and a friend of hers were leaving a mall complex and her estranged husband walked right up to her and shot her and killed the man that was with her.  One spectator reported that this man just shot the guy execution-style like he had no care at all in the world.  Turns out, the alleged perpetrator was served his divorce papers weeks prior and his estranged wife was out with a “friend”, who was merely just a friend, and the husband thought otherwise, and now a man’s life has ended, the man accused of committing this act will most likely go to jail, his children are now fatherless, and all because he can’t handle that his wife is leaving him.

But, the story that really got me this week, was the father with the triplets, who, he claimed they were playing by the stairs and fell.  Two-year old triplets playing by stairs~~hmmm, that didn’t sound right from the moment those words left the reporter’s mouth, and then the story changed overnight and it was reported that the father had caused the injuries to his children, (now that sounded more feasible, but, that shouldn’t be logical, now should it?) which now one of the triplets has since died!

One thing all these stories have in common, other than how tragic they are, is that they prove that some human’s souls are broken!  It’s sad, but true.  There are so many broken hearted soul-less people walking around~~soul-less zombies, just committing whatever acts they can to hold on to some sense of reality, even if that reality is hurting others.  No matter if they are looking for their 15-minutes-of-fame or just because they are depressed, crazy, idiotic, soul-less, people are committing heinous acts, and there doesn’t appear to be an end in sight to all this madness!

If life has thrown you a bad curve ball, it doesn’t give you the right to go out here and lose your damn mind and hurt other people because your life isn’t what it should be!  I repeat, just because life isn’t going the way you want it to, doesn’t give YOU the right to hurt others or take other’s lives because you’re hurting!

Hell, if I took that attitude, there wouldn’t be many people living!  I think of all the things I’ve had to endure in my life, and although they were horrible tramautic situations I had to get through, I didn’t take my pain out on anyone, nor myself!  Fans, this goes back to what I stated in my previous blog, that people don’t own up to their responsibilities.  Some people think it’s quite alright to go out here and commit crime and hurt others because they are doing without.  It doesn’t make it right!

I know America’s ecomony still sucks, and I don’t think there is anyone in the world who can help this situation, but be that as it may, I remain optimistic, and hopeful.  There are those trying hard like hell to get rid of God out of everything, and, I might add, are succeeding, and you wonder why the stories I mentioned above are happening today? 

The Holidays can be a magical time for many of us, but there are many who suffer terribly from depression!
If you are having thoughts of suicide, or thinking about hurting someone, YOU need to get help, and I don’t mean that in a joking manner, I mean it seriously!!  Depression affects millions of Americans, even when the Holidays aren’t in play, so be on the lookout for people who don’t appear to be themselves.  It is quite alright to seek help when you can’t help yourself.  No one will laugh at you for admitting that you are having a rough time. 

In closing, keeping in line with the Holiday theme, if you or someone you know is having problems with depression or grief, below are some helpful websites.  I wish all of my fans, a safe and Happy Holiday Season, because I would like to see you all in future years to come.  Here’s to Health and Well-Being!  God Bless~~Happy Reading!


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