Freelancing and Taxes: What Is and Is Not Deductible?

Tax deductions rarely stress you when formally employed because your employers automatically make them from your monthly salary. However, freelancers may find it challenging to comply with tax regulations because they need to organize themselves and pay the taxes quarterly without any employer initiating the process. 

Knowing what is and is not deductible helps you save a few pence that you could divert to something else and better your freelancing. Still, this article shares essential advice. 

You need to talk to your accountant or tax lawyer to know which deductibles you qualify for.

1. Home office or workspace deduction

If you are freelancing from home and dedicate a section of your house to your home office, you may qualify for the home office deduction. The taxmen establish how much belief you can get by measuring the home office’s square footage and dividing it by the square footage of the entire house. The resulting percentage equals the amount of the rent or mortgage deduction you will have.

2. Phone deductions 

This tax-deductible applies for freelancers who do their jobs using their phones which they also use for personal stuff. The US IRS allows them to deduct part of their phone bills to cater to these expenses. 

3. Office supplies 

Suppose, in the course of your freelancing, you buy office supplies like pens, pencils, staples, stapling pins, books, ink cartridges, and many others from time to time. In that case, you may qualify for the office supplies deductions. This provision allows freelancers to deduct the cost of any office item they use for freelancing.

4. Internet service

Internet service cost is also a deductible freelancers can benefit from. The internet service deductible allows businesses and freelancers to deduct the cost of network connectivity as office or utility expense. 

However, suppose you use the same connection for freelancing and personal use. In that case, you can deduct only a percentage of the bill and not the total amount.

5. Self-employment tax deduction

In the US, the IRS requires freelancers to pay the 15.3% self-employment tax. However, freelancing does not have an employer, who would usually take up half of the tax. 

Therefore, there is a 50%-57% tax deduction freelancers can take off from the self-employment tax. Talk to your accountant to know whether you qualify for it, and if not, get to see what you can do to prepare.

6. Health insurance premiums

As a freelancer, you have no employer, hence no health insurance coverage, and you need to pay for it. Therefore, you are allowed to deduct the health expenses from your tax. However, this deductible should not exceed your total income earned throughout the year.

7. Travel 

As a freelancer, you will have to travel from time to time, and the travel deductions got you covered. To benefit from this tax deduction, you must keep the air ticket printouts and bus receipts. In addition, the trips must be entirely business-related.

8. Business technology and equipment

This tax-deductible allows freelancers to take off the expenses of buying business items like a computer, especially if it is expensive. Two options are available for this; deducting the entire cost one, or the depreciation technique, where the price is spread over the years. The latter will likely apply if you anticipate that the income and bills will be higher in the coming years. However, many opt to deduct the whole amount once.

9. Mileage

If you qualify for the mileage deductions, you can subtract mileage expenses at the rate of $0.56 per mileage, which is a good amount and typically adds up. You can make this easy by using software like the QuickBooks Self-Employed to log your details or jotting mileage details, including the start and the end, the destination, and the purpose of a book.

10. Hardware and software

Suppose your freelancing job requires you to source particular hardware and software. In that case, you may qualify for the hardware & software deductions. However, if they are costly, talk to your accountant about whether the one-time deduction or depreciation will be the best option.

11. Advertising and marketing expenses 

Does your freelancing job involve advertising and marketing? These could make up the advertising and marketing deductions. Many marketing and advertising activities include radio ads, TV, print, promotional events, direct marketing, marketing collateral, and public relations. 

12. Business website 

Some freelancers have a website for freelancing. The business website deductions cater to the cost of designing, developing, launching, managing, hosting, and updating the website. This, too, does not have to exceed the total annual income.

13. Liability insurance premiums 

These deductions mainly apply to freelancers who pay state unemployment tax or insure their employees with the workers’ compensation policy. These liability insurance deductions come in handy with one issued and will offer protection against a lawsuit.

14. Education 

Are you taking certification or qualification to sustain freelancing? You can qualify for the educational expense deduction, provided that the pursuit is directly related to your current gig and not a new carrier. Make your work easier by keeping a good track record of your educational expenses to claim the deductions throughout the year.

15. Membership dues

Suppose you are a member of an organization or a club directly related to your freelancing job and pay for the membership. In that case, the cost may make up the membership deductions. However, country clubs do count. In addition, state boards, Chamber of Commerce, or trade association dues can be catered to and deducted from your tax.

16. Retirement contributions

As a freelancer without a formal, you are responsible for your retirement contributions and account. Therefore, the amounts you pay towards retirement benefits are deductible. Make your work easy by maintaining a record of your IRA or SEP contributions and claim deductibles while filing taxes.

The bottom line 

Although freelancing is a beautiful gig that makes you your own boss, it also comes with tax obligations that you must attend to. This article has shared what you need to know about what is and what is not deductible. Focusing on the deductibles helps you maximize deductions and save money. Talk to your accountant and know which ones to pick to enjoy what you do while getting paid for it.

Rose Rosie is a writer for the personal finance website, Joy Wallet, which provides readers with useful information, resources, and tools to help maximize their financial fitness. 

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Bucket Book Reading List

A “bucket list” is a list of things we want to do before we “kick the bucket.”  The expression, “kick the bucket,” is a bold and humorous euphemism for dying. It sounds so much better than books to read “before I die” which isn’t very literary, whereas “kicking the bucket” sounds almost defiant, almost optimistic.  So how do we choose which books to read before we die?

Take a number

Whilst our demise is not a goal, having a number of books to read as a goal is a way of positively challenging ourselves at any age. It’s a great way to encourage children to read, especially with a short list like three books a month to begin with. Having a list also makes you a good role model for children and grandkids. The number depends on how much time you have available – not left to live, but spare time for reading.  One person set a target of 2 500 books. Others calculate how many years there are between their current age and 100. Then they calculate how many months that is and commit to one book per month or one book per week. It might be an idea to set annual target. It really doesn’t matter as long as the goal is achievable.

Bookshelf savings

Your bucket book list doesn’t have to drain your retirement fund. Most of us have books we bought on impulse with the idea of reading them one day, so do it now. Some of us have been given books as gifts that we have politely shelved, thinking “that’s not my cup of tea.”  If possible, contact the giver and ask them to remind you of why they recommended the book to you. If you like and respect the giver, give their gift a go. On your shelves there are probably books that you would love to read again. There is no rule about the bucket book list that says the books have to be new. Another money saving idea, if you belong to a book club or have friends who read, is to ask members and friends to share their lists and stock of books with you. Bucket list reading can become a “team” sport.

Optional extra rules

There are no rules unless you want some. A forty page, trashy ebook and its sequel doesn’t really count, but can. Have fun, but preserve some dignity. Here are some guidelines for what to include:

ClassicsYou can skip “War and Peace” and Milton’s “Paradise Lost” and “Paradise Regained,” but there should be a classic in the way of a Dickens, a James, a Shakespeare or a Conrad. There should also be a post-modern classic like to “Kill a Mockingbird”, or “Fountainhead.”

Non-Fiction can be a biography, an auto-biography, a true crime investigation, a Dummy’s Guide to Psychology or the history of a place or a country. Reading is always as much about learning as it is about edification, regardless of age. The ultra- keen may want to take on philosophy and the likes of Plato and Homer.

Take a detour from your comfort zone. If you are an avid romance reader try a science fiction story. Spy and crime fans could try a book of poems.

Read because .. 

Read because you want to. Never feel obligated to read or finish a book. It should never feel like a chore or homework. The worst that can happen is that you don’t finish reading a book, but nobody needs to know. It’s a secret you can take to your grave when you finally kick the bucket.

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What are Literary Agents? 

After painstakingly honing your creative juices and developing what is surely a fascinating story that must be shared with the world, you’re ready to move forward and get it published. But how do you do that? What’s the next step in your journey? Well, it might involve pursing the guidance, support, and assistance of a literary agent. These agents ca help to get your writing out to and grab the attention of publishing houses, as well as boost the amount of your advance, and may even be able to help shape the course of your career as an author. 

But what is a literary agent? How can they help you? Why might you want to consider working with one? To find the answers to these questions and more, keep on reading. 

What is a literary agent, anyway? 

A literary agent, as the title suggests, is an individual who represents the business interests of authors, as well as the texts that they’ve created. Literary agents work with both new authors who are looking to publish for the first time, as well as experienced authors who have bestselling titles under their belts. These professionals function as business-minded mediators between writers and publishing firms, as well as the producers of movies and theatrical performances. 

Typically, literary agents are paid a fee, which usually ranges between 10 and 20 percent of the sales of the creative pieces that they help to negotiate on behalf of the individuals they represent. 

What do literary agents do? 

Literary agents wear many hats. These professionals can offer assistance both in regard to the creative aspect and the business aspect of the writing industry. Some of the responsibilities that a good literary agent will undertake include:

  • Assist clients with securing work. A key element of a literary agent’s job entails getting work for the clients they represent. They know how to act as an intermediary between publishing houses and their clients. They help negotiate contractors, oversee those contracts, and even help the authors they represent secure public speaking arrangements, as well as licensing deals. They do all of this while also keeping tabs on payments for all of these arrangements. 
  • Reviews manuscripts. A reputable literary agent will review their clients works, including manuscripts, nonfiction books, short stories, and plays. They’ll offer helpful tips and suggestions, such as creative insights, as well as edits. A credible literary agent will also ensure that their clients manuscripts are as appealing as possible before they submit those manuscripts to publishers. 
  • Develops query letters and pitches. When the time comes to submit a manuscript to a publishing house, a literary agent will assist authors with developing their query letters, book proposals, samples of chapters, and marketing plans, which will be combined to act as a pitch package for the creative work. Literary agents will also help keep tabs on submission guidelines and formats to ensure that the process is being done correctly. 

Why Hire a Literary Agent

There are several reasons to consider hiring a literary agent. Some of the benefits of receiving the guidance of one of these professionals include: 

  • Increased success. An agent can help to not only get your manuscript out in front of high-profile publishing houses, but can also help to increase the amount you’ll receive for an upfront advances. Most big publishing houses, such as Simon and Schuster, Harper Collins, and Penguin, won’t accept unsolicited manuscripts; particularly if the manuscript is from a new author. Plus, they’re only likely to accept manuscripts that have the potential to become a bestseller. 
  • Reduced stress. A literary agent takes care of the business side of the publishing process so that you can focus more on your writing. 
  • Guidance and support. An agent will help to guide and support you throughout the publishing process, thereby increasing your chances of success. 
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When you realize you need a proofreader

When you’re writing a paper, a blog post, website content, an email, or any other content, most people tend to focus on the information that that the content is comprised of; the facts, the wording, the theme, the emotion, etc. While the words and message are your main focus, if you’re like so many other people, you probably overlook some of the most essential components of a well-written piece: grammar. It’s easy to misplace words, to forget capitals, or to use the wrong punctuation, for example. Imagine the horror if you were to publish a blog post on your business website, only to find that it’s littered with grammatical errors! There’s no doubt that you’ll turn off potential and existing clients, and you’ll turn away new customers that you’re trying to target. 

Fortunately, there’s a way that you can clean up your writing before you share it with the public. How? By hiring a proofreading service. 

What is a proofreading service? 

Proofreading refers to the process of checking over written content for spelling mistakes and formatting errors before submitting it. In other words, the goal of proofreading is to ensure that the writing is cleaned up and free of errors before it’s published on a website, a blog, or a social media site, sent out in an email, sent to an academic or scientific journal, or sent out to a literary agent or publishing house. 

A proofreading service, then, is a professional individual or organization that offers to check over documents for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and formatting issues. 

Why hire a proofreading service? 

Because proofreading is so vital, instead of doing this task yourself, hiring someone to do it for you is your best bet. When you proofread your own writing, it isn’t uncommon to overlook errors that you’ve made. By hiring a professional do the job for you, not only will you have another set of eyes looking at it that will be looking for and correcting any errors, but because they’ll have experience, they’ll know exactly what to look for and what corrections to make. In other words, a professional proofreader will be able to successfully clean up your writing so that it’s ready for publishing and ready to impress and/or inform your readers. 

Why hire a professional proofreader? 

Why should you hire a professional proofreader? There are actually several reasons, and here’s a look at just a few: 

  • It will save you time. Proofreading a single document can take upwards of 3 to 4 hours. When you add that time to the time you have already invested in creating the writing in the first place, proofing can be downright exhausting. By hiring a pro, you’ll be able to save yourself a good bit of time. 
  • You’ll get much better results. Professional proofreaders are highly proficient at their job. They have the qualifications and experience that are necessary to proof and edit various types of writing in an assortment of genres; emails, blog posts, website content, books, manuscripts, marketing materials, and so much more. They will be able to make your content error-free and ready to be viewed and consumed by the public. 
  • They’ll increase your reputation and your success. Since your writing will be error-free, you’ll convey your professionalism, which will most certainly increase your success. 

How to find a reliable proofreading service? 

Checking online boards, like, or posting advertisements for proofreading services it the best way to find a professional who you can hire to undertake the task of proofreading your writing for you. Make sure that you look at their credentials, ask to see samples of their work, inquire about – and contact – their references, and ask if they can complete a paid sample for you, too. 

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How To Outsource Your Work As An Indie Author

Let’s be real. As indie authors, writing isn’t our full-time job. We have a ton of other things on our plate from taking care of our kids to full-time jobs. Writing in itself is hard. Then you have to worry about growing your audience and promoting your book and keeping up with industry happenings. You need to keep your social media profiles updated and share promotions and do business deals. You need to monitor all of your numbers, tweak ads, set up accounting systems. And then you have to stay on top of all the questions and emails you get from readers and engage with fans. And if you don’t have fans yet, even worse, you need to spend all the effort into learning how to get fans and readers and then do the work to make it happen.

Long story short, as an author, you have your hands full. Publishing is a hard job even if it were your full-time job. It’s even harder when it isn’t your full-time job.

That’s where outsourcing can come in. As a writer, you can outsource a number of things for fairly cheap to make sure that you have time for what really matters. The writing. While you will certainly still need to know the business end and learn how to do things, more repetitive tasks can be passed on to people you outsource, often overseas, for fairly little cost.

You can generally find good talent on sites like Upwork or Fiverr. Only work with people that you that are highly reviewed and have a lot of reviews. As an author, you can’t take too many risks because of your time and budget, so go with people who are trusted and already vetted.

Do a basic interview to see if they align with what you want and then go into a short trial period. Pay for a short period of work and see how they perform. If they’re good, you’ve found the right person to work with. If there are hesitancies, keep looking and trying. If you can’t find anybody, then choose your best option.

There are a number of tools you can use for vetting. On the programming side, if you need somebody to build you a website or a tool, you can use something like HackerRank. Otherwise, have them doing a little bit of a task you already need to be done to see if you can work with them.

What can you outsource?

The short answer is almost anything except for the writing. Well, actually you can outsource the writing too, but you, as an author, probably don’t want that.

The most common things to outsource are related to repetitive tasks and marketing.

Perhaps you want to post short snippets onto writing communities to drum up buzz. You can have your assistant go onto reading apps and writing apps and have them post on your behalf.

Maybe you want nice quotes to go onto social media. Get your assistant to go onto Hootsuite and schedule up nice quote posts every month in advance so that your Twitter and Instagram are nicely filled. Some even have their virtual assistants create very short stories of their works that can be used for Twitter.

Maybe somebody has written some nice fanfiction about your stories. Your assistant can go in and respond to all the comments.

Maybe you want to reach out to a bunch of book blogs. You can have your assistant reach out to which blogs fit your genre and come back to you with a nice list.

There are even freelancers that can do your book cover and editing for you. If you want to a graphic novel version, or want to put it on a graphic novel site, you can have them do that too.

Think about what you want to spend your time on. Do that stuff and for everything else, there’s an assistant out there for you.

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Transitioning From Technical Writing to Book Writing

Technical writing is just one of the absolute most in-demand skills in the internet community. Your writing needs to be clear and understandable to your intended audience. Generally speaking, academic style writing isn’t suitable for internet content. The things that you write can vary greatly, but technical writing is a skill that translates well to book writing.

The very first thing an author has to do is to find their voice. In case the author mentioned something that you do not quite agree with, or fully understand then you have to inquire and suggest. In the event the writer wishes to, he can change the mental image within the next sentence. Though some expert essay writers are skilled and equipped enough with the ideal writing tactics to employ.

There are times that you meet writers that are echoes of different voices. Some writers locate their voices early. To locate your voice for a writer, you first have to find yourself. Many writers have dreams that turn into nightmares since they struggle for a means to get published. Most creative writers have a secret urge to enter a writing or poetry contest sooner or later in life. In any case, it’s a good idea to practice with some writing contests

What matters is how words are accustomed to clearly convey the function of the piece  You’d be surprised to discover that a large part of the best ideas are already in your head. If you realize that you are writing all of the time, you’re a writer. You will need to live the life which you have, explore whatever options are open to you, go after the things you need and need, or learn how to avoid or suffer the situations you don’t want.

Getting started with writing contests

Writing contests have come to be the location for writers of just about any type to become noticed. The writing groups hold a great deal of unique kinds of contests. There are a lot of basic methods that can be placed on the process of producing successful flash fiction.

Do exactly what you’re told or your entry is going to be thrown out. Do add the calendar year, or you’re going to be returned a good deal of ancient entries. It is possible to always compose a contest entry.

The prizes are extremely small, but the point is, it is an excellent place to start building a name and getting attention. If you opt to enter a writing contest, there are lots of advantages that a writing competition can give you. More than 2000 writing competitions show up on the web annually.

No matter your skill for a writer might be, there’s sure to be someone seeking your help. The capacity to relate to readers is crucial especially in the internet setting. Travel as soon as the opportunity presents itself. As a consequence, it is not hard to multiply your opportunities for a cash prize. Finding out how to persuade and influence will produce the difference between hoping to have a better income and having a better income. Some of us will say yes, some folks will say no.

The real words used in legal writing can be split into four categories, Words from different languages. Not everybody has a way with words. Writing a tribute is easy, but sifting through your knowledge base to find the appropriate words is often quite tricky. Entering a writing contest helps a lot with that.

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185 Short Story Writing Contests Available in 2019

185 Short Story Writing Contests Available in 2019

Do you enjoy writing short stories? Why not enter a short story competition and see how your skills stack up against others? Winning a writing competition could be the spark you need to ignite a career as a famous author. It all starts with entering your first contest, pick one of the 5 mentioned below and get to work on your masterpiece!

1. The Weekly Reedsy Short Story Contest

Do you enjoy writing short stories? Visit and sign up for their email newsletter. Every Friday, Reedsy publish guidelines for their weekly short story contest. Select of five themes offered by Reedsy and create your short story based on those guidelines.

Weekly winners have their work published on the Reedsy Medium blog, which has thousands of unique visitors every day, including famous writers and editors that may like your work! Reedsy also offers a cash prize of $50 to the winner.

2. Write the World

This contest is for young writers aged 13 to 18. This kiddies contest helps sharpen their skills by providing them with a mini writers boot camp. Contestants are allowed to submit the first draft of their project for editor feedback. After receiving their editor notes, the kids have the chance to make adjustments before submitting their final piece.

The winner receives a cash prize of $100, and the runner-up gets a $50 prize, with the winner of the editor’s award receiving $50 as well. All three winners have their work published on Write the Worlds blog, with comments from a judge run alongside them. This monthly contest features new prompts for every competition.

3. African Poetry Book Fund Prizes

The APBF awards prizes annually in three different categories. The Sillerman First Book Prize for African Poets awards $1,000 and a publication contract to the winner. African authors must submit an unpublished book-length collection of poetry to enter.

The Glenna Luschei Prize for African Poetry awards $5,000 for a book of authentic African poetry published in the year before the competition.

The Brunel University African Poetry Prize is the latest addition to the contest; A £3,000 prize awarded to an unpublished poet of African descent. Submissions must include 10 unpublished poems.

4. Prose.

Prose offers a weekly writing competition for short story-tellers. The focus of the contest is on creativity and fun. Prizes are anywhere between $100 to $200 with low word counts between 150 and 500-words.

The judges aren’t concerned with length; they want to see quality, not quantity. This contest is a fantastic platform for storytellers looking to enter their first competition, visit their website for further details.

5. To Hull and Back

This annual free contest is open to writers from around the world. The competition praises works of fiction and non-fiction told with humor and a light-hearted feel. You’ll need to be imaginative if you want to impress the judges with your work.

The maximum word count for submissions is limited to 2,500, and the deadline for entries is July 31st, 2018. A small entrance fee of £11 is required to process your contest application.

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The Best Microwave in 2020

Our microwave buying guide has all you would like to earn the most acceptable option for your kitchen, but should you buy on Amazon, have a look at each Amazon reviewer for your favourite models and see what they had to say. It’s the perfect remedy for any individual folks which would like to prepare well balanced diet regimen through minutes. You’re going to want to search for all the following when you’re attempting to choose a convection microwave for private usage. Most people will profit from a convection microwave, but a lot of individuals are likely to use only one mode or the other the vast majority of the moment. The perfect convection microwave will provide you both options at a high pace.

What You Need to Know About Best Microwave

If your microwave has an automated cooking attribute, it is likely to make your job far easier, as you will not need to constantly monitor the food when it’s being cooked. Modern-day microwaves have elaborate functions like programmable menu screens, automated timers, self-cooking alternatives and a complete choice of special attributes. They have stainless steel faces and are constructed to be durable and stylish. Small, compact microwaves are excellent for saving space in a tiny kitchen. Most quality microwaves have stainless steel faces, since it’s a durable material and simple to wipe clean.

Everybody is well aware how useful a microwave oven is but in regards to purchasing a new one it’s important to take into consideration several unique things. Microwave oven is truly similarly really beneficial for home heating precooked meals together with finds a great deal of favor together with the gourmet chefs worldwide for home kitchen tasks like relaxing butter together with making snacks! A convection microwave oven is a marvelous advancement in the conventional microwave and you will realize that after you have one that you won’t understand how you lived without it.

A microwave oven is an integral portion of a contemporary kitchen. It has turned into a noteworthy piece of each family unit nowadays. Microwave ovens arrive in an assortment of styles to fit all your home decor requirements. On the off likelihood that you want to acquire a different microwave oven, here are a number of hints to allow you to buy the best microwave in the marketplace which I’ve learnt through my very own particular experiences. Bearing this in mind, you always have the option to look to a user friendly microwave oven to fulfill all your culinary desires.

If you’re prepared to get a microwave, please see the matrix at the summit of the page for our recommendations. There are several types of microwaves out there and they’re popular since they provide customers with a fast and effective method to heat food. A lightweight microwave is about 25 lbs. Lower-cost microwaves generally have powder-coated metallic exterior and interior surfaces. Additionally, it’s a remarkable microwave that may be used for reheating food, heating water and also doing some many sorts of task.

Microwaves can do a lot more than just microwave. When you’re going in for a microwave, attempt to choose a microwave that provides you with a range at different levels. As soon as you receive a microwave that is tailored for your private need, then you may have just acquired yourself the greatest culinary assistant around. Over-the-range microwaves are generally viewed as a very luxurious and sophisticated add-on to your kitchen. Built-in microwaves are made to fit into virtually any space that’s big enough to accommodate it. If you’re prepared to obtain a new microwave, take a look at our top choices. Once you locate the ideal convection microwave you’re going to understand that preparing food is simpler than ever before, and tastier too.

Up in Arms About Best Microwave?

You should not switch on the oven in the event the microwave oven door isn’t closed properly or damaged. Besides, this kind of oven would improve the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen too. Microwave oven is one of the greatest appliances for kitchen as it help to lower your cooking time together with physical exertion too. The main reason why microwave oven is used is due to its fast cooking. Besides the microwave oven has quite little to no defects in any way. If you’re very likely to get the microwave oven, read specialists’ review prior to going to the shop. You may find the any of the very best microwave oven in India for your own residence.

Microwaves are generally tough. Countertop microwaves are a wonderful means to acquire the entire family involved with mealtime preparation. Likewise, in the event you’ve been searching for a countertop microwave that will serve a enormous family efficiently, then you’ve found one. Countertop microwaves are among the thicker kitchen appliances it’s possible to get. Apparently, all the normal precautions around making use of a microwave apply, including keeping metal out of there unless you would love to ruin the gadget. You may believe that a microwave is limited to just reheating leftovers, but the simple fact is that can do a lot with the sorts of countertop microwaves out there. You would rather not select an expert sized microwave for a standard home to cook your chicken fillets.

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Why is it important to read books?

Since when are books a part of my life?

I did not always love reading books. It is a passion of mine that grew very slowly over certain periods of time. When I was little I would prefer someone else to read to me because the action itself would make me sleep. But then one day I wandered into the library and it filled me with a calm and peaceful feeling like I have never felt before. Since then I became addicted to literature and kept devouring books one by one with occasional breaks in between when I would not read anything at all. Right now due to large amounts of work, a recent move to a new flat and not-yet balanced life I am once again in the phase where I read very little, but that does not diminish my love for literature. But why do I love reading books?

Books help me to grow as a person

Even as a person working for a New York-based IT Services NYC Company, reading has always been a way for me to grow as a person and expand my views in life. It has made my knowledge of the world and people bigger and better. Every single book that I have ever read has affected my personal and professional decisions, whether I decided to take on more responsibility or simply help someone cross the street. A book has been my biggest educational tool, that I can continue using till the day I die. I truly believe that I would be worse off if there were no books in my life. It is through literature that I realised that there are lives other than mine and the fact that I can read about them in the first place is a privilege. There’s honestly nothing like curling up by the fireside with some fresh-brewed java out of an espresso machine.

Books help me to enhance my skills

Ever since I was a child I knew that I enjoy writing and it is one of the easiest ways for me to express myself. But I would not have realised that and chosen a professional path in writing without having read any books. It is reading that improves my expertise of language and makes me a better professional. It is because of reading that I can fluently express the feelings deep in my heart and belly when I see my loved ones, because without having read anything I would not have the words to speak.

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What is an e-reader and do you really need one?

What is an e-reader and do you really need one?

E-readers have always been quite popular but it is lately that their prices started gradually yet constantly to go down. Now everyone knows of Kindle, but there are more readers out there like, for example, Nook. All of these today cost below $100. Even though it is a very fair price for a good piece of technology that does not need constant upgrades and lasts for a long time, some people feel that it is still a bit steep since an e-reader is still just a single use device. Of course, some of them do offer extra features like the internet but often it is more unsafe to surf the web with an e-reader than to leave your laptop password unprotected. On the other hand, there are tablets which can perform all functions perfectly, yet they are a lot costlier and chances are, they will not last as long as an e-reader. So, with all these questions asked, what shall one do and how to choose a proper e-reader that will suit all of your needs?

What is the main difference between some e-readers?

The main difference between e-readers and tablets is that both have a completely different display. Most commonly e-readers contain e-paper screens that usually do not need a backlight to produce visible images. Black and white colours are the standard for e-readers with some, usually 16 levels of gray. That is nothing surprising, because if an e-reader will be used only for reading it does not need to contain colour or other features that would require a different screen. It is a device designed solely for people who love to read, so no apps or games can be used on an e-reader. However, colour e-readers do exist. Having said that, they will never be as good as the tablets out there because most of the tablets produced today have LCD screens.

Which books are most suitable for an e-book reader?

It seems that an e-reader was created with a certain person in mind and that is a person who reads a lot. People with other hobbies, such as cooking, knitting or writing prose are better off with using a tablet. Why? Since e-readers use black and white e-paper it is impossible to use interactive elements in them. That means that it is a more suitable tool for books like fiction or nonfiction. Titles like cookbooks, travel books or even textbooks will not be displayed properly on an e-reader because of the display issues, hence someone who enjoys cooking a lot and thinks about purchasing an e-reader might be better off with a tablet. E-readers also do not support enhanced books, so you will not be able to use that one book that has videos or other media files in it.

If you are looking for an escape, then e-reader is the right choice

If you are someone who wishes to escape from the outside world and lose yourself in a moment of relaxation, then e-reader the obvious choice for you. You will be able to download and own thousands of books in one place, it will be a lot cheaper than buying paperbacks as well as it will open new space in your home. One could argue that all of the above is achievable via a laptop or a tablet, but owning an e-reader allows you to escape the seduction of social media. E-readers will not allow you to be lazy or to surf the web. It is an item that has one goal only and the goal is to get you to read the books that you have been wishing to read all these years. So, get yourself an e-reader and choose one that does not break the bank, has a lot of memory on it, comes with a strong battery and a nice-sized screen. That is all you need and the choices on the market are equally good. Just remember that sometimes less is more.

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